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Camera locks up, recording message


I just bought a T6s and have a strange problem (I hope it's a simple answer!). I can take one picture and then it locks up and I cannot take another. The message on the LCD monitor is "Recording..." "Remaining images: 1" with the continuously circling ball. It's as if it can't record. We formatted the card. So I'm not sure what's wrong. When my husband first got the camera, he ussed it for a few days without any problem. This just started today.


Is it possible that you accidentally turned on the card's "write protect" switch?

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It almost sounds like the camera is in video mode.  But, if it is telling you that there are "remaining images..." then it is likely in a multiple shot mode, such as in-camera HDR.


Mulitple shot mode can be a one-time affair, or a repetitive mode where every "single shot" you take actually requires you to take multiple shots of the same image.  Check your menus to make sure that multi-shot or HDR modes are not active.


Until you finish the required number of shots, then the camera could be busy processing the previous shots.  I can see the camera "hanging" if your multiple shots are not at all similar.

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After having the problem, we took the SD card out and used into another Canon camera, and we had no issues. You could get our T6 to work with the card after an error message by taking out the battery and putting it back in to "reset" it. But after awhile, the error would occur again.  I ended up taking the camera back to the store. And the Canon guy, after observing this process, said that the error message number meant it was a problem with the SD card. Though he offered to replace the camera, we decided to replace the card and see how it goes over the next few days. Weird - especially since we used the card  -- it was brand new -- in another camera and it was OK. Thanks for the help!




I am having the same issue. It isn't consistent, but seems to increasing become more of an issue.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel t6s


The problem: When I take one picture, the camera reads, "Busy", the remaining pictures number starts to blink "999", and the red light remains solid. This doesn't stop when I turn the power switch to off, but rather it changes to saying "Recording... Remaining images: 1", the blinking number stops, but the red light remains.


I have tried using multiple different SD cards and have come to the same conclusion. 


I have tried erasing all the settings (i'm assuming that is back to factory settings) and still have the same issues.


Varying results occur when I take the SD card out, turn on write protect put it back in the Camera, turn on the camera, get the error that the card is protected, turn off the camera, take the card out and turn off write protection, replace the card back in the camera. I can then (sometimes) get the camera to take one or two photos before then reverting back to the above issue.


My questions are:


Has this happened to more than just the two people who have posted here?


Has there been a fix found?


Do I need to send my camera in for support/fix?

Check the multiple exposure and HDR settings inside of the camera.  They should normally be disabled for single exposures.

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Where would I find those settings on the T6s?

And let's say those settings are turned on? Should it really take more than a minute to process? More than 5 minutes? 10 minutes? (That's how long I am giving it before I unlactch the battery and start over)

Thank you for helping us troubleshoot this issue!

Is there a recommended SD Card that we should try?

What shooting mode is the mode dial set for?  Make sure it is not "HDR Backlight Control" mode, see page 27 of your Instructional Manual.  You can download a manual if you do not have the original handy.   The following is from page 7.




I would recommend using a Class 10 card, 64 GB or less.  A 16 GB card would be ideal for just photos saved as RAW.

"The right mouse button is your friend."
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