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Hello people,

Recently I bought a canon t6 camera and now I want to transfer my photos to my pc using wi-fi connection. I saw a few videos about it on youtube but I can't do this work. On the live view I just can see connections with mobile, printer and web service.

I installed on my pc the EOS Utility and EOS Remote on my android device. In the EOS Utility I didn't get connect because the pc icon on the camera live view doesn't appeared and EOS Remote app I didn't get connect because appeared a message telling that the device wasn't compatible.

So my question is if my canon t6 is compatible with some software to transfer my photos using wi-fi connection.


I hope somebody can help me



This is a common source of initial confusion for almost everyone, myself included.  You hear the words “Wi-Fi” and one naturally thinks that means the device is networkable, which, as you have discovered, is not the case.

The Wi-Fi connectivity in the T6 functions more like a Bluetooth Device than a networkable laptop.  Besides, the wireless file transfer is slower than transferring via USB cable, which is slower than using a memory card reader.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I just did it.  But its a PITA.


Like Wadizzle mentioned, the fastest way to get photos off your camera is to use a cable or card reader.  If you want to use Wi-Fi, the easiest way to do this is with a Canon Connect Station.  However, it can be done manually as well.


I personally only use Wi-Fi to transfer camera to camera, or camera to phone. 


Before diving into this further, I again recommend that you use a cable or card reader to transfer your photos as it will be much faster. 


Wi-Fi to Computer (manual method)


I tested this by putting the camera into "P" program.  Turn on the camera, press the menu button.  Wireless is one the wrench menus.  Enable it and press set.  Now press the menu button and go back to "P" program options menu on the LCD.  Press "Q" and navigate to the Wi-Fi beacon.  It has to be enabled.  Press set or use your finger if your camera has touch screen.  Now you are given choices on what to connect to..  another camera, smart phone...  EOS Utility, etc.  I selected the EOS utility and then connected the camera to my Wi-Fi network.  Once done, open the EOS Utility on your PC and select connect camera via wi-fi.  The pairing process begins and you might be prompted to modify windows firewall settings.  The software does this for you automatically.  Once connected, the EOS Utility gives you the option to download photos from the camera.  After you do this once, all you will ever have to do in the future is enable Wi-fi on the camera, launch the EOS Utility and pair the devices.  The camera and Utility remembers the previous association.      

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