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Blurry pictures

I have the rebel t5i when I shoot the screen pictures are clear and when I put them In my tablet they are clear but when I send them they get blurry faces or sometimes the faces are blurry when I first look at the pictures before I send or try to edit.


This can be two things...


#1 - Was it really clear?


It's difficult to judge if you captured a "clear" shot (focus is good, no camera motion or subject motion resulting in motion blur) when looking at the image on the tiny display on the back of the camera.  The display will let you 'zoom in' while inspectiving your images... or you can import the image to your comptuer and inspect it on the much larger computer display.


#2 - Re-sizing and comression issues


Another common issue when "sharing" files is that they are re-sized down to a significantly smaller image resolution and may also be converted to use significantly heavier levels of compression.  


This was always an issue that bothered me about use Facebook (and specifically Facebook).  I'd upload a "clean" image, but when displaying the image I just uploaded, it was soft.  Facebook, in order to save storage space, was compressing the image at a significantly stronger compression level than I would have selected... and resulted in the loss of image details.


If you resize the image, you get to pick the new size, format, and compression level (for JPEG images) and can inspect your results before sharing.  


But if you're sharing through social media, the social media servers are often resizing or compressing your images in ways that are out of your control.  There's not much you can do about that other than find a different way to share images that avoids the use of that social media platform.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Most likely too much cropping.  Well you say, I am not cropping at all.  But when you downsize your pictures for social media or email and then the recipient looks at them they usually do.  They do not want to look at the smaller file.  They want a more full screen view.

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