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AF area selection lever sticks, EOS 7D Mark II


Recently I noticed that the AF area selection lever on my 3.5-year-old 7D Mark II is difficult to move and sometimes sticks in the down position. Functionality seems fine -- when I can move it, it does change the AF area -- but clearly the lever is not working as intended and is a nuisance in the field. Is this something I can fix myself -- e.g., with some kind of lubricant -- or will it require professional repair? Thanks in advance -- 



First and about the only thing you can do is reset the camera to factory settings. Menus, tools, clear all settings and clear all custom settings. Hopefully it is something camera controlled and not mechanical. Otherwise send it to Canon and ask for a C&C to be done on it.  3 1/2 years it probably needs it anyway. It will come back looking brand new.

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It sounds like it might be dirty.  If a quick shot of compressed air does not cure while you move the switch back and forth a couple of times, then a professional cleaning and checkout is needed.  

Just point the camera upward, with the rear panel facing down, and give it quick spray or two.  Do not spray for more than 1-2 seconds at a time.  Because of the pressure gradient, condensation can form on the area where are spraying should you douse it with a heavy spray blast.

An actual repair could get expensive very quickly.  Manufacturers stopped making component level repairs to consumer electronics many years ago, decades, in fact.  Instead, they replace entire assemblies, much like a car dealer might replace an entire headlight assembly.  In this case, it might require replacing the entire rear panel assembly, just to correct the one sticky switch.

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What I've done for sticky buttons on any electronics is to dip a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol (highest % you can get), squeeze out most of the liquid, wipe around the button just to get a little bit of the alcohol below the button and then press the button up/down to work the alcohol around the button.  alcohol won't hurt the electronics and dries quickly but use very sparingly.  multiple thin coats may be needed.  if you have pre-moistened alcohol wipes, this works as well.  my guess that there is some sticky grime build up between the button and housing causing the button to "stick" to the housing and a little bit of alcohol will help to dissolve that residue.  as mentioned by waddizzle, you might also have some small particle/dust ball lodging the button and using compressed air will help dislodge it.

if neither of these doesn't help, sending to canon service center may be your only option for true fix.


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Sounds like a good thing to try.

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