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A rebel upgrade ?


Hey y'all. Right now I have an original Rebel who is on her last legs after decades of use. I do primarily wildlife photography, specifically with birds, and I'm looking to upgrade what I take into the field with me.

My dream cameras are the R6 or 90D , but with the budget I have right now it's a pipe dream. I'd like to spend under $700 on the body, $400-$500 if I need to buy a new lens as well.

I have what I believe is the original Rebel lens (EFS 18-55mm) as well as an EF 75-300mm.

Anyone have a lower budget camera that they love for wildlife photography? Or any lenses that would go along with an inexpensive camera that would be a step up from my two decade old baby?



For as long as your existing camera still has a heartbeat, then I recommend that you keep saving up money for the camera body that you really want.  It will be less costly over the long run, as well as far more satisfying.

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I bought a T8i last year, and I like it very much. The body was $749. You'd still be able to use the lenses that you have.

Steve Thomas