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7D not responding


I have a 7D - I shot for hours and changed my card in a hurry without turning off the camera.  Now it doesn't turn on at all and there is no error message.  I charged two batteries and neither one worked.  These batteries appeared to be fully charged yesterday - today I put them back in the charger and the red light is blinking a long time - this doesn't seem right -- I'm wondering if it could be a charger problem - do they go bad???


Try resetting the camera by removing the regular battery AND the date battery. Even with half dead battery, a functioning camera will at least tell you that before shutting down. Besides the chance of both batteries are completely drained overnight is possible but unlikely.
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I think they areasking if the charger could be at fault & YES it could. I shot a 7D for 3 years & never turned it nor any of my other bodies off to swap memory cards or lenses without ever running into a problem. A bad charger could actually drain a battery rather than charge it. You may need to test the output voltages on both the charger & the batteries.

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I think I might take both batteries and the charger to Adorama or B&H tomorrow and see if they can test them ... good idea.  In the meantime I was told on another forum to take everything off, lenses, card, battery and date/time battery and let it sit overnight - apparently it needs that long to be completely off ... so if neither of those things work I will have to send it in ... again ...


Check the memory card slot. If the "door" (contact) is not closed, the camera will not turn on.

Good point about the door.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Well I've opened and closed the card door and pressed on it in all directions - doesn't seem to make a difference ... I'll give it a closer inspection though ...

Take a good look at the sensor at the card door. Use a needle or something to press it.