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7D internal flash turns off camera


I have been working with my Canon 7D, which is ten years old for me this year, trying to troubleshoot the problem I am encountering.

When using my camera, if there is any reason for the internal flash to be needed, the flash pops up and then the camera turns off.  I cannot use the power switch and turn the camera back on.  I must remove the battery and reinstall it.  Only then will the camera turn on.

I've watched a number of videos and I've looked for loose connections or loose screws.  Nothing.

As I've been troubleshooting, I found a webpage that guided me to turn off the internal flash, but I cannot disable the internal flash for the fully automatic modes. (Page 214 of the instruction manual.)

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I have been unsuccessful in developing search terms that brought me results showing that others have also experienced this.

I'm probably going to be in the market for a new camera but keeping this one limping along is fine in the near-term.

Has anyone else found a permanent solution?  Now that Canon is no longer servicing the 7D, I'm not confident in other repair facilities knowing how to correct this issue.




Do you have a second battery to test with by chance?   What lens are you using the camera with?  

Try resetting the camera's setting to default as well.  

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I do have an extra battery.  Same deal.  I have EF 70-300m, EFS 18-135mm, and EF 50mm.  All same reaction to internal flash.  I've not reset the camera's settings.  I don't see anything out there that would affect the internal flash beyond what Ive already stated.  Canon Tech Support did not suggest default settings, so I'm assuming there is a good reason why they didn't (ie, doesn't fix my problem.)  Have you had this issue?  I'm looking to see if anyone else has and what they did to troubleshoot.

Only thing I can think of is perhaps there is some electrical short or other electrical fault when the flash pops up.   Unfortunately, I think the only thing you could do is either disable the flash as you've done (though also would need to avoid full auto mode).  Or, find a repair shop.


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