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70D - Lens and Camera isn't corresponding with each other


I'm usually always set on video mode and one day whn I turned the camera on the "Ensure a lens is attached" warning appear when it never does so that made me wonder but ignore. Well a little few minutes later I came to realize that aperture wouldn't let me change the setting. It says "00" on the LCD panel and display screen. So I started troubleshoting. Well noticed more things. I switched to AF on the lens but the camera would still display MF. I switched to photo mode and my camera would not take pictures. When I did try it would take like 20 seconds and the shutter would make a disturbing sound and I get a "Err 01 Communications between the camrea and lens is faulty. Cleans the lens contacts". 


This problem started happening about three weeks ago and since then every now and then the functions would start working properly soon after turning camera on or after shooting for a while but later go back to the errors.


What I have done:

I cleans the ring mount and the contact points multiple time and still nothing changed

I have tried over 5 other lenses from differnt brands and also different mounts like EF and EF-S and still nothing changed


I have a Canon 70D


Someone please help otherwise I know the camera store will charge me a arm and a leg when I feel like it something simple that I can fix.



Is it within warranty?


The only user thing you can do is clean the contacts, and as you know that rarely works. Other than that, there is no "something simple that I can fix." You have to call Canon or the store.

I purchase my 70D with the 3 year warranty which unfortunately ended March of this year. My luck right?


I think I will man up and take it to our local shop.