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70D Is there a way to control audio while recording video?


I have figured out how to control the audio manually prior to entering the video record mode (no thanks to the manual) but can’t figure out how to control it once the camera is recording.


Hello Sesweitzer,

Since the EOS 70D is a digital SLR and not a camcorder, the sound recording options are different than what you might be used to.  Prior to the start of recording, the EOS 70D must be set to manual sound recording before you start the video recording.  This is the way to control audio whilst recording footage.

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@Phil777 wrote:
Thanks Mike. It would be nice to know what link that is but I will have to search for it. Does Magic Lantern cost?

Magic Lantern is free. The link removed was the Magic lantern homepage. Just do a Google search. 

Mike Sowsun

Thanks again Mike.

Mike, I went to their site but is says that the 70D is still "In Progress".

despite reading that I had a look around but, to be honest, I went to "Downloads" and was completely confused! There seems to be no way of finding ANY specific Camera listed there let alone the 70D.

Could you please advise where I am going wrong?




I was advised to contact Canon in Australia at so I did so.

I asked, "Why does Canon not include the much needed feature of being able to control the audio levels while recording video on the Canon EOS 70D?"


Betharold Sy replied and completely ignored my question and informed me which page in the manual to find the audio control information.


We are still exchanging emails but without any progress at all.

Tim, your answer is not sound or valid! The more expensive Canon cameras have the ability to control audio levels on screen while recording so does that make them camcorders??? Ha! No, it makes them better at recording audio levels appropriate to the circumstances. Please be honest in your replies. It is more likely a decision based on protecting sales of the more expensive Canons.

Phil, you should read the QUOTED text in my last reply to katcoe1 in which was specifically about wind noise. If you drop the audio gain on the mic then you'll drop all sound (including sound you want to record.). A wind muff (deadcat) is designed to greatly reduce wind noise without reducing other sound. You cannot selectively reduce wind noise on the cameras built-in mic (regardless of camera cost).
Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Tim (Campbell), sorry for the misunderstanding but I was replying to the Canon Tim on the other page who infuriated me. Only after I replied to him did I see your post and your name at the bottom being another Tim and then saw my reply right under your post making it look like I replied to you! Crikey I thought, it looks like I am having a real go at an "Esteemed Contributor"! Now I feel awful!
I don't know why my 'quick reply' is not directly linked to his post! Do you? Doesn't this blog work properly either? Ha!


I completely agree that the 70D needs the ability to adjust audio levels while recording.  I realize that Canon assumes most people who are using the camera for video will be recording audio separately, but that isn't a reason to simply leave this option out because there are times we'd shoot audio straight to the camera (I do a lot of wedding videos and often send audio straight to the camera or at least use the camera's audio record as a backup). 


I would assume a software update could give us this ability.  If this camera is meant to be more for video, as Canon's marketing has indicated, this seems like an oversight that would be a big positive to the camera if they added it.

I would also add that passing audio out the HDMI port or audio out jack is also imperative for video recording, as I also use this for event recording and need to monitor the audio constantly.  I am patiently waiting for Magic Lantern to add the 70D to their list of supported models, as this would greatly help in this respect.  Canon needs to address this very important issue and could easily add this in a software update.