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6D won't take photos, but does everything else.

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Well, first i wanna say, Hi guys! I'm new here.

I'm trying to research a problem a bit, as the last car show i went to, i took about 1500 photos, qnd it was rainin cats qnd dogs.

During the show, i had some problems with the camera (setting focus point, qmong otger screen/preview problems). I tried to keep the camera as protected as possible (plastic camera sleeve) however, it didnt help much.

After taking the camera home and putting it in rice for q couple days. Everything worked again! That is, everything except for the shutter. I couldnt take anymore photos. The camera zooms, it focuses, displays all info, but doesn't shoot. (The day i brought it home it still would make photos)

What could be the possible problem? I dont know (and cant say yet) if the shutter itself is bad, but i'd like to know all possible options of what it could be, before i actually dive into the camera.

I'd love to get it working again.

(Failure/mistakes are the best teachers)

Thanks in advance for the input!

Welcome to the forum.


Sounds like water damage failure.


Try reseting all camera settings and custom functions as decsribed in the manual.


If that doesn't resolve it sounds like repair or replace.

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"After taking the camera home and putting it in rice for q couple days."


That almost never works or even helps as you have seen. The best solution is a warm heating pad and it needs to sit on it for days perhaps weeks. Open anything that can be opened. No lens. No battery, lens leave all open. Of course too late to make a difference to you but never turn on a water damaged camera until it is dry.  You can short out something.

Your camera could work again but you will have to be real lucky. Smiley Happy As you have learned water and cameras do not mix well. If it is totally water damaged I doubt Canon can even fix it.


You can reset it, which I usually recommend, but I doubt it will make any difference either. Do the heating (warm, not hot) pad. You don't have anything to lose at this point. Put it on the top shelf of your closet for week or so.

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