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6D vs 5d mk III




I come to this forum to see if there is anyone that can help me get closer to my goal of purchasing a full frame camera. 


I currently have a 70D with an 85mm prime and a few other EF-s lenses. 


After some research I have concluded that I will be getting a 70-200mm 2.8  and a 20-70mm 2.8 (first version for both models) 


I have done research and even watched some youtube videos, but not could give me the opinion of someone who has actually used both on a regular basis. 


I'm hoping that someone in here has had the opportunity to have used both cameras.  I have the budget to get a 5D mk iii but I dont want to regret it if the 6D will suffice for what I need it for. 


I am aware of the differences,  the wifi/GPS,  the difference in size and weight and the camera molding. I know the focus points and how much more the 5D has


I work for a small magazine and do studio portraits but sometimes i do go out on my own and do photoshoots outdoors.  In terms of quality, every review I read said that the quality was pretty much the same. 



will I regret buying a 6D only find myself outgrowing it and then wanting/needing to pick up the upgrade?


I know its a very tough question to ask but any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. thank you


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You may be overthinking this. You can't go far wrong with either camera. If you buy a 6D and later can't resist a 5D3, then you already have a very capable FF backup camera.


If instead you buy a 5D3, I'm hard-pressed to see you regretting it. I have one and have been extremely satisfied. And I believe you'd pay significantly less now than I paid 19 months ago. Also, I have a friend who bought a refurbished 5D3 from the Canon store, and he says it was as good as new.


The 6D is said to have a slight advantage in low-light performance. But the LL performance of my 5D3 is so much better than that of any other camera I've ever used that I can't see it being an issue.


Just weigh the advantages of each to your situation; make a decision; and don't look back.

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Bob from Boston siad it right, "You can't go far wrong with either camera."


But I can't, nor can he, tell you what is best for you.  I can tell you what I would do.  I owned the 5D Mk II and a Mk III.  They are simply fantastic cameras.  If they can't get the shot, for whatever reason, it probably can't be done.  I have switched to soley using 1 series cameras now but I would have no problem using a 5D3 again.

The 6D is Canon's entry level full frame.  The 5D Mk III a pro level full frame.  As an entire package it is just a better camera, IMHO, of course.


So I guess you know my answer, get the 5D Mk III and don't look back.  You are aware that your EF-S lenses will not fit on a 5D ? 


Another word about your lens choices.  The first versions of those models are good.  Actually they are very good indeed.  I used a 24-70mm f2.8L version one for years and years.  But, there is always a but, isn't there?  The version 2 of either lens is in a class of its own.  On a 5D Mk III, the new versions would be a good as current photography technology is. Their is nothing any better from any manufacturer.  Period.

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I own a 6D. Here is some food for thought.


I bought it because the GPS and WiFi were already built in.  I rarely use either feature.  The GPS is a definite battery bandit.  It will drain your batteries in a couple of days, even if the camera is turned off.  I have yet to use the wireless feature, for whatever reason.  Seeing how wireless is only used to actually connect, I'm guessing that it drains the battery whenever the camera is powered up, too.  I use a USB cable to do remote shooting, which is rare for me.


Sometimes I get out in the field and shoot a shot or two with the GPS turned on, just to tag a couple of shots.  The GPS software allows you to copy the tagging information from one file to another, and another.  Most of the time, I don't even do that, though.  I'm too busy shooting to break the flow and remember to turn it on or off.  I have turned it on, forgotten to turn it off, and drained my batterires after a few hours of hiking.


For what I do, mostly landscapes and city scapes, and other shots on a tripod, the 6D is quite sufficient.  But, to be honest, if I had the budget to go with one of the 5D models, I would have.

"The right mouse button is your friend."
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