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6D has weird bright edge on images


I recently was using my back up camera (6D) during a shoot and started noticing that the top right corner has a bright streak across it. But it doesn't appear when I'm using the camera for film and its still there when I switch the card and lens. I do a lot of maneuvering with my double cameras in my specialty so it's been bumped a few times in its lifetime but nothing happens directly before the change so I'm wondering if it needs repair? or if there is any troubleshooting I can do hear to fix it? [photo for example underexposed to show it better]bright edge



That looks like failed, or failing, shutter me.

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you mean a settings issue on shutter speed or the actual shutter in the camera is failing? 

The shutter is broken.


Another vote for a failing shutter. Smiley Sad

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Strange. My Original (Classic / 1st Gen) 6D also has a more frequently seen these days, similar bright white band that appears horizontally (Also on the long axis) extending from the right side frame, like yours but right from the middle of the right frame! (Not like yours that is on top). and... Not seen on all images but geting more frequent recently and has no realtion to the type of lens I use. Did you fixed yours and was it a failing Shutter? Then is this a specific problem with 6D only? and has there been a recall on it or this is a general problem with all bodies? 
I ask this because I had a partially failed shutter before on another body (5Ti) but that was a dark zone of 1/4 or 1/3 of the frame that would appear on all image BUT appearing as black, unexposed zone not totally overexposed whithe band (And not a distinct zone). So I'm somewhat confused. 
Can anyone help farther on this and considering the significant drop on 6D first Gen, does it worth to repair it? (Anyone knows how much Canon might charge for the reapair?), as I assume repalcement and not anyform of DIY action is what is needed, if failing shutter is the case. 

Whether it is a lighter or darker area depends on how the shutter is failing.  Although the shutter assembly is a fixed unit, I would not want to attempt a DIY repair.  Besides how would you calibrate it?  You can't. My guess and it is just a guess but a somewhat educated guess, the shutter replace is around $300 bucks.  But a call to Canon will confirm it. 1 (800) 652-2666

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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