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6D compared to Mark III


I am a hobbyist photographer currently shooting a Canon 7D and considering an upgrade (currently saving!). Does anyone have recommendations or suggestions of the 6D as compared to the Mark III? (besides the $1300 price difference!) My fear is that if I get the 6D I will "grow out" of it quickly and continue to long for the Mark III. Advantages/disadvantages? Thanks, Elizabeth 



This subject has been just about beaten to death, so I’m not going to get too much into it.  I highly recommend doing a search, both here, but better yet, at Canon 


The 6D got a really bad rap from masses of internet armchair critics most of whom never even held one.  The internet is great and all, but these forums are dominated by people that spend far more time looking at specification sheets than using their own camera.


As I’m sure you know, the main difference between the 6D and 5d3 is the autofocus system.   Yes, the 5d3 is far superior, but that doesn’t mean the 6D is not totally adequate.  If you’re a sports photographer then the 5d3 is probably for you.  If you’re worried about the 6d being able to take a picture of your [insert relative] playing [insert sport], then don’t worry.  It’s all internet hype.  It’s perfectly capable of capturing moving subjects.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say: if you have to ask, then you should probably get the 6D.  It’s a great camera at the price. 


I’m sure someone will be along shortly to tell you that if you’re coming from the 7D then the 6D’s autofocus system will absolutely not be adequate for you.  There’s a good chance they’ve never even used a 6D.

Thank you so much for the helpful information. I did a search on the forum but couldn't find this question (perhaps I had inadequate search words). Anyway, I appreciate your time and honesty. 

It sums it up pretty well.
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This article was quite helpful. Thank you for sharing. 

Here's a thread about an article that Dustin Abbott wrote on this very subject.  The article is linked in the first post, but the thread is probably worth reading.  This article was what finally convinced me to get a 6D, and I don't regret it at all.



I have a 5d Mark 3 and 6d. Is the 5d Mark 3 $1300 better than the 6d? Definitely. My recommendation: buy the 5d Mark 3 if it is within your budget. 

5DM3 is definitely better. But don't buy it unless you have a lot of $ and/or have all the full frames lens. If you upgrade from a crop sensor, you'll have to buy lens too and it's going to cost a lot more. To me a 6D and $1300 for lens make more sense than a 5DMIII and nothing.
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The 5D III has an amazing focus system -- but remember that pro photographers were shooting for years with 5D II bodies that didn't have that focus system and still managed great results... but that focus system was better if your type of shooting didn't require shooting in a hurry (it wasn't good for sports/action... but was great for weddings, portraits, landscapes.)


Canon has a document (I think it's 47 pages long) on JUST the focus system alone!  You could browse it to get an idea for just how much that focus system can do.  It's posted here:  (the PDF download is in the lower-left corner of the page.)


I don't have, nor have I used a 6D -- so I can't compare.  I'll just say that I regularly do shooting where a built-in WiFi would be a welcome a feature (included in the 6D but on the 5D III that's an external "brick" shaped module or you can get an EyeFi card since the 5D III also has an SD slot).  The GPS is nice built-in on the 6D as well.  


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