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6D button questions


Hi all,


Recently received my new 6D kit (upgraded from 60D).


A few things that caught my attention on the 6D compared to my 60D that I am hoping to clarify:


-The shutter button on the 60D has a nice definition/resistance point between the half-push for focus and full push to take the photo.  There is very little resistance on the 6D, if any.  It almost feels mushy.   Is this normal or part of the design?


-The "multi-controller"  (the rocker-type surrounding the set button)  on the 6d has much more play/slop in it than my 60D.  Again, normal?


-The main dial near the shutter button on the 60D has nice clicks and crisp movement.  On the 6D, it is much softer, less crisp.


Overall, the buttons on the 6D seem to have a cheaper-build feel to them compared to my 60D.   I this just the way they are manufactured, or do I have a bum copy that I should return?   I went to a local store to check out their 6D display model but of course it was gone, and no copies in stock.  I also did a few searches on here for an answer but did not find anything. 


Thanks for any input.





I don't have a 60D to compare it to but compare to my 30D it is better. I prefer the "more resistance" feel of the 6D. I don't think the 6D built is cheaper than the 60D in anyway.

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I agree on the resistance.  I definitely prefer the feel of the resistance between focus and shoot on my 60D shutter button.  This 6D has almost none.   Mushy is definitely the feel to it.


Does your multi-funcion button have any play/slop to it?