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6D battery drain temporary 'Work Around'



6D battery drain - "Work Around"


Install the Canon Battery Grip. 


Step 1.  Turn the battery lock to 'Open'.and leave it unlocked

      (Batteries are now disconnected from camera)


Step 2    Use a rubber band to hold battery tray in.



NOTE:: If Canon will not make a fix, possibly the after-market suppliers of the 'Grip' will make a three position latch.


A 'Modified' grip could easily be manufactured by modifying the tray and latch assembly.


Position 1.  Power disconnected and tray locked in (6:00 clock position)


Position 2.  Tray unlocked (Similar position as present)


Position 3.  Tray is locked and power is connect. (Same position as present and battery drain will continue as it does now..)


GET WITH IT CANON....   Or let the after-market fix it with their 'Grip'





Or if you don't have the grip, take out the battery.


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Or, just turn the GPS off.



With the Camera and the GPS turned off is when you have the battery drain.


A bigger drain, normal usage, is when you have the camera and GPS turned on.


I don't get any abnormal battery drain on mine.

Not having the problem is wonderful.......


I wonder if there is a difference in the production line or facility?...


The Serial number of my camera is #022023003212, what's yours?

I don't have my camera in front of me, I can check later.


I didn't know there was a drain issue outside of the GPS thing.  Makes it tough to search for it because every hit I get is around the GPS issue.  Is this a documented problem?

Try this....


Turn your camera on...


Turn your GPS 'OFF'...


Check and see if you have an ICON for GPS flashing on the small top screen....


To even view the icon flashing takes power to accomplish', but if the GPS is updating the satellites due to the movement of the earth takes lots more energy.


Also check and see how frequent your camera is updating. Change the update frequency if you wish.


If not flashing you're home free.


Good Luck..Bill








6D Battery drain "Fast Stop" using the Canon '6D Grip'


I am enjoying using only one switch movement  to turn my 6D ON/OFF and not having any battery drain.


1.   Leave camera switch in the ON position


2.   Place a sturdy rubber band around the Canon Battery Grip to stop battery tray from coming out


3.   Turn the Grip battery tray 'Latch' to OPEN/CLOSE (Effectively ON/OFF)


4.    Making my Grip latch as my on and off switch for the camera and stopping the battery drain by the GPS operation


5.    My 6D camera is now always ready for that one of a kind picture



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