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6D Mark II hang / freeze with 1.0.4 firmware


Hi, I replaced my 5D Mark II with a 6D Mark II, and today was the first day I took it out for kids soccer action.


During the morning the camera hanged / froze twice, nothing was responding, LCD was on, power button did nothing, I had to pull the battery to get going again.


When I received the camera, I upgraded the firmware to 1.0.4, that is supposed to have fixed hang / freeze problems.


I was shooting with a Canon 70-200 2.8 L IS (original version), Av 2.8, ISO Auto minimum shutter speed 1/1000, AI Servo, high speed multi shot, GPS on, WiFi off.


The viewfinder has a black spot, so I may replace the camera for that anyway, but the hang is concerning.


Any ideas?



I seriously doubt if firmware is the problem.


The two most common causes of a camera “hanging” seem to be either a bad circuit board or a bad memory card.  But, wIth a problem in the viewfinder, you need to either exchange it or to contact Canon Support.  I would exchange it.  

Make sure you only use full size SD cards from major manufacturers.  I do not advise purchasing discounted cards on eBay or Amazon, either.  There are counterfeits out there.  Be sure to perform a low level format on new cards, too.

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I have exactly same problem. Brand new 6D Mark ii, Canon 24-70/2.8, latest 1.0.4 firmware, SandDisk Extreme Pro. On my first shoot outside the camera froze with the screen on, viewfinder blank, on/off button unable to shut it down. Had to remove battery to reset (2 bars left on the charge) and then it froze again 5 minutes later.

This is so disappointing!

I think I will have to exchange it. I have 14 days left on the exchange deadline.

Unfortunately I have the same problem and I only had my camera for 16 days 😔. Glad to know it's not just me experiencing my 6d2 freezing up. Guess I'll need to exchange/repaired.