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6D Have I damaged my camera?


Hi, newbie here, sorry if i've posted in the wrong place.


I very recently purchased a 6D (just the other day) & I was taking some shots last night, using it for the first time with a wireless shutter release, (operateing it remotely). For some reason the metal clip or bracket that retains the focus screen wasnt properly secured (clicked in place), my camera burst of a couple of shots with this part resting on the mirror. I almost had heart failure when I saw what had happened! I have sinced properly clicked it back in, what should I be looking for if there is any damage to it?


Thanks for anyones help in advance!



I'm baffled as to why this wasn't clipped in.  Did you replace your focus screen?


In any case... the focus screen and mirror are technically NOT part of the image path.  When the camera takes an exposure, the mirror swings up and out of the way so that light can pass straight through the lens and onto the sensor.


It's possible you scratched your mirror or focus screen, but it should not effect your images.


Do you notice any scratches on it when you look through the camera and do all the focus points illuminate?



Tim Campbell
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It mustn't have been clicked in properly from purchase and slowly vibrated loose? 


The mirror looks unscratched, hopefully its OK, I think a little bit of dust has found its way in there though, I'll give it a clean and thorough look over, looking for things mentioned.


Thanks! 🙂



It sounds as if you got lucky and no actual damage was done.


Dust in there will do no harm (as mentioned previously, the mirror flips up, covering the focus screen whenever an image is made... so that dust you see won't show up in your images).


Think twice about "cleaning it". At most I'd recommend using a proper bulb blower to try to puff dust particles off the mirror/focus screen. Do not touch the mirror, it's "front surfaced" with aluminum and is very easily damaged. The focus screen is removeable (as you know), but needs to be done with a lot of care. It's optical plastic and some types of cleaning fluids will damage it. It should be handled with a special pair of plastic tweezers (provided with replacement screens), usually by a small tab that protrudes from the screen.


If you damage the screen while "cleaning", it's not too expensive to replace. Most Canon screens are under $50 US. But if you damage anything above the screen or the mirror, it will be an expensive repair. You also have to be careful to not damage the light seals around the edge of the focus screen. They aren't expensive to replace, but it's not an easy job to do.


If really needed, there are special optical swabs and cleaners avail. to clean the mirror, focus screen. Do not use common household cotton buds (i.e., Q-tips) or window cleaning fluid! Both can do damage. If you don't want to track down and buy the correct cleaning items, take the camera to a local camera repair shop and pay them a few dollars to clean it, or send it to Canon Service Dept.


But, any dust you see in there on the mirror or focus screen is just a bit of a nuisance. It won't harm your images.


When looking through the viewfinder, dust specks that appear in focus are on the focus screen itself. Dust specks that are out of ffocus are on the mirror.


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Looks like I was very lucky indeed! 


I will leave as is for now and eventually get it professionally cleaned. 


Thanks foryour replies and assistance. 🙂