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60D will not power on at all


I have a canon 60d that I have used problem free for the past two years..never ahd a single problem out of it.. i recently used the grip with two block batteries..and when i went to put the regular battery door back on..its not powering on at all. no error code.. nothing.. i figured it was the battery was dead.. i charged it.. i tried the other battery.. then i tried with the grip, and tried 6 AA in the other grip insert.. nothing. i figured maybe the battery door switch was messed up so i tried manually pressing the little switch and nothing.. i have christmas mini shoots this weekend.. please help!



I would have guessed the door switch as well.  Did you double check that the SD card door is securely latched?


I don't really know what to suggest if it isn't one of the microswitches, you'll probably have to send it in.  Was it a Canon grip or a third party?

canon grip i beleive.. ive used it for years with no issues.. ive not done anything out of the ordinary.,,. i was using it fine a few days ago


Also check the memory card door... it similarly has a switch.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Just to be clear. Since removing the grip, the camera won't power on either with the grip on or with the grip off. Correct?

right.. i dont think it had anything todo with the grip..but thats just the sequence of events...  i think its the camera or the switch.. i called customer service and they want me to send it in for repair.. any idea what that might cost me? i really cant afford alot of money to repair.. :[


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