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60D settings during Meteor Shower


Hi, What is the best setting for my 60D using 18-135 lens during  the Leonid meteor shower tomorrow 4am?  Thank you! 🙂




Rising Star

I don't know any particular magic formula or numbers, but I'd assume you'd want:

  • long exposure time / shutter speed to catch a meteor and its trail
  • medium ISO so that the momentary meteor will actually register, but not too high (too much noise).
  • your aperture wide open (which on the 18-135 is not "that" wide, IIRC), i.e. the smallest "f-stop"
  • your focal length / zoom all the way out at 18mm to catch as much of the sky as possible
  • Use a sturdy tripod, and a remote if you have one, otherwise use the self-timer shot to give the camera time to stop shaking after you press the shutter to take the shot.  

Do these terms / instructions make sense for you?  Let us know if not/so and we can discuss this at a level you're comfortable with so you can understand why certain settings do certain things.  


Photography is understanding concepts and techniques and then applying them to infinitely variable situations as appropriate; being told what settings to use won't help you get the most out of your camera.


Hope this helps!

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