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7D or 5D MARK II?


Want to buy new DSLR ( I own 40D).


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 I saw the  compare page but Does it worh  it? (I need to change some lenses aswell)

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I have both, and their both great for different reasons.  The 7d is great for fast action and wildlife photography, oh and it gives you extra reach on your lenses.  The 5d MK II is a great landscape, and portrait camera.  So as the previous poster said, it depends on what your main use will be.



You'll need to analize your requirements because they are very different tools for the job. One requires EF lenses ONLY, while the other can use less expensive (cheaper to manufacture due to the size of components & lighter in weight too) made for the AF-S mount. One offers more reach to your lenses thanks to the crop factor, so many wildlife shooters go for a 7D to save on the very expensive lenses they' have to buy to get the same shot on a 5D2. Also the 7D has a much better AF system for fast paced action such as sports & what I shoot which is Radio Control events. The 5D2 couldn't get many of the shots my 7D did, but my 7D didn't produce the nicest looking sky after heavy cropping, which was just about the only real complaint I had with it. Another thing the 7D has going for it is the built in flash, which can mean a lot at times. You'd be surprised how often you think you won't need a flash as you head out the door but later that day you find out you were wrong. 

I don't own either anymore, but they were excellent bodies and each served different purposes. The trick is understanding what you want from your camera so others can be more helpful.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

A 'crop' sensor doesn't give 'more reach'. It's a fallacy, even though it looks that way in the viewfinder It is simply the center section of a full frame sensor image. You can make the same image with a FF camera and crop it to match. About the same pixel count, generally speaking.

its the same optics - you're just looking through a smaller window!

think about it.. the optics are the same - the lens is the lens..

but the sensor is just smaller - so it records a smaller portion of the image circle that the lens produces

NOT QUITE RIGHT. When you crop a 5D2 image to the same size the 7D produces you only have a bit more than an 8 mpixel image. You can crop the 7D image much deeper than the 5D2 image & still have a decent size of file.


Here's the link to a recent discussion on the topic.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Another big difference between crop bodies & full frame is the depth of field each delivers at the same aperture. The same lens at the same settings gives noticeably more DOF on the crop body than on the FF body. That can be important for those who prefer fast glass shot wide open to isolate their subject.  

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

A crop sensor gives you more "effective" reach. Which is really what matters. Ask any birder and they'll tell you, it's all about pixels on target. 😉
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