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60D or 650D?


Hi, I'm stumped on which would I purchase for my first DSLR. I'm choosing between 60d and 650d because I'm just a beginner. Please help me decide between these two. Also, I will be using the 70% of the camera for film making. Thanks. 🙂



If you do not need the faster processing for high speed photography get the 650D and use the money toward lenses.  that is the advice that most people will give you.  Really, you can go wrong with the 600D T3i either. 


This guy does some great reviews.  I used this site and a few others to decide on my T3i over the 60D.

I was in the same position a few days ago and I decided to get the 60D, I didn't care for the touchscreen which slowed down my workflow, (you on the other hand might love it) I much preferred the dial disc in the 60D, also in use the 60D had a faster response which pretty much sealed the deal for me, the 650 is supposed to have a newer processor but the 60D feels like a "real" camera to me, you should try both and see which one is better for you.

But the 650 really has a newer processor!

I don't shoot video, so I can't help with that.  I was under the impression that the 650D did autofocus during video.  If that's important to you then that's pretty much the decision right there.


For photography the 60D has some nice little features.  Nothing significant, but they're worth it to some.  Really I think the biggest difference is ergonomics, which is a personal choice.  The weather sealing is nice, but it's not as big a deal as the internet makes it out to be, IMHO.


Both are good cameras, and not all that different in price.  My personal recommendation is tth e 650 and save the cash for lenses, but you can't go wrong with either decision.  I will however recommend the 650D over the 600D, as the added cross points are worth the slight cost difference.


I have Canon EOS 700D and it's hard to ZOOM and FOCUS in video mode. There is no autofocus in this camera =(((( 
Any ideas how to make video with zooming by this camera?


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