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5d Mark III not downloading RAW


Got my 5D Mark III a couple of days back. I took a few pictures in RAW-JPEG. While I tried to download, it launches EOS Utility(latest version) and hangs. I tried the same CF card on 40D and it was able to import without problem. I tried other software like Picasa, Adobe Bridge, iPhoto, Picasa and Adobe are not able to connect to the camera. EOS Utility is able to connect and I was able to remotely control the camera and take photos. I was able to download JPEG only files as well. But when it comes to Raw, the software goes unresponsive and loses connection. Once in a while everything works fine as well (even RAW), that is the strange part

My Computer and softwares are up-to-date. Infact the 5D MIII I got through CPS Load worked fine without issues. I also made sure the CF Card and Cable are also fine. 
Is it a known problem? or should I return the camera. Thanks in advance for your response


Like I said earlier, I am not a Mac user but my photog friends that do, tell me they have problems. And the problems are as you have described them. Very erratic, working and not working. Mostly not. I attended a class on LR 4 recently and the instructor warned us to not use Lion and LR4. That is the extent of the help I can offer.



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thanks ebiggs1. You and marcosf made me feel better. I had done a lot of search in the internet and could not find much luck. Atleast now I feel that I am not alone and that it is some compatibility issue with mac. Feeling relieved that the camera is fine. I will get a card reader as that sounds like the only option at this point. thanks again.

After the new firmware upgrade, all is good. I can download without issues. Before I ordered a CF card reader, i was able to do the firmware update, so saved some money as well 🙂

thanks all who took time to respond


I am not sure what computer you are using. Is it a Mac or PC? If it is a Mac and you have Lion, there are know issues with it, and at least LR and PS CS6. I am not a Mac user but my friends that are tell me about it.

I will make a left field guess, it is not the 5D Mk III so returning it to Amazon will not help.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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