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5DIV in-camera Lens Corrections features are valid for when shooting video?

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I just saw this video:


I´ m a photo RAW shooter 99% of the time but I would like to know if all those in-camera lens corrections for jpegs, are valid for when I' m shooting video with the Canon 5DIV and Canon lens, since video are a sequence of jpegs?

If not I´ll keep these features turned off because I do my RAW processing with Affinity Photo.


Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards.



Video is not " a series of JPEGs", but I have no idea whether the corrections are done. I doubt it because of the speed requirement for video.


I know that when my T6S is in video mode, and I use the shutter to take a picture the corrections are turned off because the focus points appear on playback.

Thank for your help. Motion-jpeg are´t a sequence of jpeg images? Pardon my ignorance. Anyway; in your opinion those correction are just for stills? Thanks.

Yes they are, but Canon's don't create those.

Sorry; what you mean "they are"?

That motion JPEGS are a series of JPEGS, but that is not what Canon uses for video compression.

So what do they mean when they say Motion-jpegs on the Canon 5DIV?

Sorry, should have checked the manual. Yes the 5DIV does have MotionJpeg, but the manual clearly states on page 209 that corrections are not done during movie mode.

no problema .-)
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