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5DIII pb with file mng with RAW on CF + JPEG on SD




I am a travel photographer and I encounter much difficulties with my workflow with the 5D Mark III.


I chose the separate recording option (NOT the multimedia option) in order to shoot RAW on CF and JPEG on SD. I use temporarily the JPEGs for on-the-go quick editing, metadata management and uploading on the internet while on travel. The RAW files will be used when I am back home. I have no intention to keep the JPEGs after, they are temporary. 


The problem : when I delete a RAW file from the camera, it does not delete its JPEG counterpart or vice versa. So, I have to do the work twice.


IMHO, there are no good reasons for such a behaviour:

1) If i want a backup on the SD card, there is the multi-media recording option for that. That´s what it is designed for. In this case, I understand that deleting from one card does not affect the other.

2) If I delete a RAW file from the camera, what is the point having the JPEG kept on the SD ? For serious photographers (5D Mark III users), a JPEG will NEVER be a backup for a missing RAW.

3) Implicitely Canon agree with this behaviour since when shooting RAW+JPEG on the same card, deletion affects both RAW and JPEG.


What are other users' and Canon team's point of views on this ? Can a firmware update fix this ?


Thanks a lot,




Hi Yoms,


Based on what you are describing, your camera appears to be working properly.  When both files are recorded to each memory card, they are not linked in any way.  When you delete one, it will not delete the other automatically.


We are sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.  The new firmware update is going to be released later this year.  It does not appear that this is one of the functions being changed, so whether or not it will be changed in the future is unknown at the moment.  However, we appreciate your feedback on this.  Your suggestion for this change has been noted.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.

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Thank you Mike for your reply. 

I understand that this cannot be implemented in the future release. Uncompressed HDMI seems a bigger a priority I guess. 

However, do you, in the principle at least, agree with the fact that a JPEG cannot be a backup for a deletd RAW and that for backup purpose there is also a dedicated mode ?




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