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5D IV Shutter Release Locking Up?


I have had my 5D Mk IV just over a year, but have still been using my older 7D most work last year. I started back practicing with my 5D4 last month in the house and noticed that from time to time the shutter button would just stop working? I tried the following things and ALL of them seemed to work at different times:


Turning camera off then back on

Remove - reinsert memory card

Remove -reinsert battery tray

Switch lenses


Since then I bought new Canon batteries and new memory card to eliminate those vaiables.


Yesterday I had my first commercial shoot with th 5D4 and it failed me. I was shooting a commercial interior and after 5 shots, the shutter button did nothing - no AF activation or shutter release. I could still access the menu on the back of screen, just the shutter button would do nothing. 


Did I just get a lemon (that is now out of warranty)?


Look into joining Canon CPS.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic


Just received the camera back from Canon Service in California. 


They were not able to reproduce the issue I was having, but they did go ahead and replace:


Cover Ass'y Top Part #CG2-5251-000

Pentaprism Ass'y Part #CY3-1795-000


There was clear plastic protective tape over the shutter button and the top LCD screen - so I am guessing those items were part of what they replaced?


I have only had the camera for an hour, but eveything seems to be working perfectly (so far) and it may be my imagination, but the AF seems to be more responsive than it was before. I will report back if the issue reappears.


NOTE: I also paid to have them install Canon LOG as long as it was there anyway.

How much did the Canon repair center totally charged ? 

They took mercy on me since I was just a few weeks out of warranty,  had such a low shutter count and had reported the same issue previous to the warranty expiring (I just did not send it in prior to expiration date). Becase of that they did not charge anything for the service - just $14 for return shipping.


This was my first experience with Canon Service even though I have owned several Canon cameras since 1973 (only Canons in fact). I have to say I was totally impressed with every aspect if the interaction - timely updates, great phone support from the gal who contacted me via phone to clarify the issue upon receipt of the camera and quick turnaround (2-days in-house).


Because of they way this was handled (they could have been inflexible about it), this pretty well seals my decision to buy one of their high-end EOS R's after they release them as my next camera (assuming the 5D4 does not fail me again).

Canon provides the best services.
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