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1Ds Mk II wireless remote


So like the title says, I have been trying to find a wireless remote that works with the N3 connector and/or hotshoe of my Canon 1Ds Mk II.


So far I have tried the following:

[Pixel Pro - had high hopes as it was well rated](, might try it again.


[Aputure 2.4Ghz Trigmaster Radio Remote Flash Trigger and Shutter Cable Release](, no the name is not mispelled.


I have the following 3 in my Amazon Wishlist to try in case anyone has experience with them:

* [Opteka 650' Wireless Radio Remote Shutter Release Control](


* [RainbowImaging 100 Meter 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Shutter Release](


* [Cowboy Studio Wireless Remote Trigger Switch](


Not looking for anything fancy but would be willing to spend a couple extra bucks if I can get one that will allow for a flash on top of it (plan to get a flash unit sometime).


Please note, I cannot afford to buy the Canon Wi-fi adapter thing, not to mention it has terrible reviews.