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1DX MKII Macbook Air Connection just won't work?!



I've been attempting to tether my 1DX Mark II in any way to a Macbook Air I'm borrowing for a demo. I've used EOS Utility 3 for tethering with no problem with my Apple Studio at home but of course can't bring that so have opted to borrow a more portable laptop from someone.

However, I can't seem to tether to the laptop in the same way I do with my computer. I can see the laptop detects the camera through the USB section of System Information but there seems to be nothing in either EOS Utility or Lightroom when I try to tether through either. I have also deleted EOS Utility 3 so see if it was interfering with Lightroom but still nothing. 

I have also changed the Privacy and Security section to allow accessories to connect but still nothing. 

The cable I'm using to connect is a Micro-B to USB-C 3.0. This cable works just fine on my main Mac Studio computer with no issues, just on the Air. I'm not sure what my options are at this point



"... works just fine on my main Mac Studio computer with no issues, just on the Air. I'm not sure what my options are at this point"


Doesn't this suggest there is something in the Mac Air? I am not a Mac user so I can't point you but someone here maybe is and maybe can.

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Product Expert

Hello cftog,

In some cases on a MAC, you need to first access the camera in a program called ImageCapture. This is a built-in MAC program which can be found in the Applications folder on the hard drive. Make sure that the camera is connected via USB first and then open ImageCapture. Highlight the camera listed under Devices on the top right side and this should allow you "access" to the camera from whatever program it is that you would like to use.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately there is nothing in image capture. 

I have also done a mini troubleshoot by changing permissions to "Ask Every Time" when an accessory connects to see if the laptop really is detecting the camera and the pop up comes up when I plug the camera in, just nothing when it comes to actually being able to do anything about it.

I have asked in an Apple forum too as @ebiggs1 mentioned, it is most likely an issue on the laptop side of things!

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