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1D X - Clean HDMI out


Now that we know that the 5D Mark III will be getting clean uncompressed HDMI by April 2013, I think it's time Canon also confirms this feature also will be made available for us who chose to spend even more money on buying the 1D X.


I work with both stills and video, and I bought the 1DX for it's extra low light performance and DR over the 5D3.


Given what we now know, that the much cheaper 5D3 will get clean HDMI out, it will be absolutely unacceptable if the 1DX does not get the same upgrade!! We know it is possible since the 1DC already have this option on 1080p footage.


It would be remarkable if the 1DC and the 5D3 should have clean HDMI out, and the 1DX would not!!


So Canon, please give us who spend all our money on you, what we want!!






I'm in the same boat here. I have a 1D X and was under the impression it was a hardware issue for the 5D mkIII and 1D X.


Now I learn that Canon will make clean HDMI reality on the cheaper 5D MkIII? Why not the 1D X?


The only reason would have to be the 1D C, but come on, that camera is 2x the 1D X price, adds 4K and the 35mm crop! Those are things people will pay more money for, not just clean HDMI.


YES,  I'm starting to get a little upset about the 'oversight' to not giving the 1DX the same 'clean' HDMI output.


Can someone with Canon please address this in this forum topic, or in a public statement?


I've had this camera for a year, getting it when it first came out, under the impression that the 5D3 did not have a video 'advantage' over the 1DX.


It almost seems like there is some level of misleading when customers made a choice based on what was originally advertised (for both the cameras), and then -- after making that choice and spending nearly $7k  -- are undermined by an on-the-fly change to the item they chose NOT to buy....


Something would seem wrong here....

I'm extremely disappointed. And I wish if I have bought it's competitor.

The initial response

Service Request:
Dear Mr Loveridge,

Thank you for your request and for contacting Canon.

I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with the lack of clean HDMI output on the EOS 1DX.

As the EOS 1DX has been designed primarily for still photography, it has been decided not to include clean HDMI output and other video related features on the camera. The alternative EOS 1DC is offered as the video equivalent of the EOS 1DX, and therefore this model does offer clean HDMI out as well as further professional video functionality.

This was a decision made during the design stages, although as with any camera we of course do value customer feedback and will bear in mind suggestions for improvement, especially if there is a strong demand for a specific feature.

Therefore, it is not impossible that this feature will not be introduced via firmware update in the future. I hope you can appreciate that we are unable to comment on any future changes as these are kept strictly confidential until they are announced to the public.

I apologise for the disappointment caused.

Yours sincerely,

Lauren Dicker
Canon Services & Support

Tel: 0844 369 0100
Opening hours: 09:00 - 17:00 hrs (Monday to Friday)

"The alternative EOS 1DC is offered as the video equivalent of the EOS 1DX, "     ....  it's not a direct alternative; it's the 4k alternative, that also costs about twice as much.....

there's no reason why the 1DX should not have clean HDMI output.....


btw,  your last post withf the message returned from Canon, as well as my response to that, has been deleted....


I cannot understand why they're making such a big thing about this....


I won't buy a 5DIII, and am now unlikely to buy a 1DC -- whereas I would have considered that before....

But, you see, if I got the 1DC, I'd be legitimately concerned about what they would withold on that camera......


By 'act up', I mean encouraging all 1DX owners to press for the clean HDMI output for the 1DX,....  just as they stated that such demand prompted such an update for the 5DIII....


It's not much to ask for.


We all really like the 1DX, and we'll love it with the clean HDMI output....

Not sure why they removed those comments either they are canons words after all ? maybe the canon site administrator can explain ? Either way I will post the full replies from canon again on canon rumours and see how many 1DX owners would not like a firmware update to improve video functionality? The don't ask don't get mantra from canon is a total nonsense .


Service Request:
Dear Mr Loveridge,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting my response, apologies for the delay.

It has been confirmed by the Marketing department that the addition of clean HDMI output from the 5D MK III was as a result of customer feedback. There has been far less of a demand for this feature to be added on the EOS 1DX, although we will of course feedback your comments on this occasion.

Regarding the lack of contact regarding the 1DX modification, our average response time to initial registrations was around 3 working days, however as the initial surge has now dropped off, there is no need to register and it can be sent in as a normal repair. You should have received an email to either advise you of this, or an email response to your registration.

I hope this information is of use to you and apologise for the disappointment caused.

Yours sincerely,

Lauren Dicker
Canon Services & Support

Any way here it is again

Yes, we need to get the push for this going.....     according to what the rep told me over the phone about a month ago, Canon has NOT yet decided that they will refuse to do such an update....  I questioned her 3 times on that, and she 'assured'  me that there is no 'policy' that Canon will not do such an HDMI update....


Now, with that said, AND more importantly that the 5DIII had gotten the update already, I expressed to the rep that I found it a little 'suspect'.....   

Since, it would logically seem, because the 5DIII is very similar, that a clean HDMI update for the 1DX would be nearly a cakewalk.


EVERY 1DX owner I speak to from now on will be asked to post about this, and maybe even call Canon directly.....

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