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the future for EF?


I’ve had a 5D Mk IV and a 5D classic for a while. I do stage/concert photography, portraits, and commercial brand work. I rely on the 5D I for creamy CCD portraits during the day.

I’ve always had a problem with the Mk IV. It’s autofocus is the most unreliable, unpredictable thing ever. I love shooting in the viewfinder in SLRs but I can’t shoot it in any other mode than live view because it doesn’t ever focus on what I ask it to, unless I use the face tracking or tap it.

I want to upgrade to the R5, but the entry cost into the RF environment is prohibitive. I’ve considered getting a 1DX II or 1DX III used, aiming to get the Digic X AF system.

Will canon continue to release EF bodies for prosumers or are we seeing the end? If I could magically whip up a camera model right now it would be a 5D X, basically a 18-24mp 5D body with the 1DXiii guts and no mandatory vertical grip, or a canon 1DX IV and 1DX IV P, a 1DX IV without a second screen or vertical grip.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Is it possible?



Give the R6 or R6 Mark II a look.  The EF-RF mount adapters are reported to work seamlessly with EF mount L glass.

I do not believe Canon is still producing new DSLRs, at least not across their former entire product line.  I suspect that any new EF bodies you see being sold by Canon dealers are only what is left of existing stock.  Production of DSLRs seemingly stopped within a year of the initial release of the R6 and R5.

Canon had announced the further R&D on EF mount lenses would stop when the R6 and R5 were first announced and released.

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I don't believe Canon has actually quit producing very many models, especially those still being promoted by outlets like Best Buy and that have garnered reviews (or at least had them updated) in well-known publications in just the last few months, such as the T7 in Tom's Guide (,review-5614.html). It appears that they did discontinue making the M6 last May when the R10 and R7 were announced, as it is already getting scarce and appearing with the "CLOSEOUT" label from retailers like Adorama. But I believe they're still making the M50 and even the M200, as well as several DSLRs and likely even EF-M mount as well as of course many EF and EF-S lenses. Either that or they had several years of inventory of many models built up some time ago, which would be difficult to believe.

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The future of M Series of bodies and lenses is an entirely separate conversation from EF Mount lenses and DSLRs, which is what the OP asked about.

Believe what you wish regarding the current and future status of EF mount bodies and lenses.  Canon announced many, if not most, EF mount lenses have been discontinued.  Any stock that you see being sold by authorized dealers is existing stock.  Canon has stopped building EF mount bodies and lenses.

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Perhaps it's mostly APS-C DSLR and EF-S (and EF-M) lenses that they have continued to build, as replacements for those weren't available at all until a few months ago, and they're still missing a few pieces from the crop sensor lineup of lenses for the RF mount. I agree that they likely quit building full-frame EF bodies and lenses some time ago, as RF versions of those have been available much longer.

Kevin Rahe
EOS M50 Mark II


I wanted a 5D5 as well. However, mirrorless is a game changer. There are not many people who complain about the 5D4's AF capability, but in lower light, a mirrorless body will have an advantage. DSLR's and EF are already past their end. They will remain avaialble in smaller supplies, but MILC and RF is it now. The used market will also remain viable for some time to come. Based on your wish list and use, I think the R6 mkII makes sense. 2 slots for pro work, has the extra MP's over the R6 mkI, and offers the advanced creative control someone in your line of work is seeking. If budget allowed, I'd say R5 or C. The R5 has been one of Canon's best sellers, and if you want the best in still photography, and don't need eye control, its hard to beat. In your case, it sounds like you want to move forward. So I'd say buy a MILC body and adapt your glass to it for now.

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The last EF lens has already been made along with the last DSLR. What they have in stock will be the end.

But this statement I don't understand. "I’ve always had a problem with the Mk IV. It’s autofocus is the most unreliable, unpredictable thing ever." 

You have to be doing something wrong, setting is wrong or the 5dD Mk IV is broken. A first step is to reset the camera completely to default. Set P mode. One Shot with just the center focus point. Mount a Canon EF lens and try it outdoors on a sunny day. If the AF works correctly there is nothing wrong with the Mk IV. You did not mention a circumstances associated with the, "...stage/concert photography, portraits, and commercial brand work.", you do. Some of those can present challenging AF scenarios. Also if you are using a off brand EF lens it can be the problem.

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