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searching for a good lens for EOS Rebel T3i


i just got a T3i and i am looking for lenses that will work well with the camera
I heard it works ok with EF lens but seeing I am an amateur I don't really know which one will be the best or the most suitable




A good all around lens for your camera would be the EF-S 18-135 IS STM. 


John Hoffman
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The most basic lens concept in the Canon world is that ANY AND ALL EF and EF-S lenses work completely on the Rebel series (and all other crop-sensor bodies).

That being said, what "works well" for you depends on the photography you (want to) do. There is no "best" lens. 

The 18-135 jrhoffman75 suggested would be a good, versatile starting point. Reasonably priced, good wide-angle-to-telephoto range.  Learn how to use your camera with this lens, then you can discover how you might benefit from other focal-length (and other feature) capabilities.


Very subjective question. Canon considers the best one is the one they ship with a Rebel kit. The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II Lens and that is what I would recommend you buy. When you buy lenses it is good to look ahead a bit. What lens might be next or is this a one shot deal. What are your interests in shooting? Remember the number one thing going for a Rebel is the fact you can have and use several different lenses. Why, because no one lens, "will be the best or the most suitable."

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I owned the 18~135, so cannot speak to the 18~55 as well comparatively.  Mine was paired with a T6s.  I enjoyed this lens very much.  It was consistently sharp and offered a good balance between performance and image quality.

If I were going to buy one lens or was not the kind of person looking to do lens swaps then I'd buy the 18~135 (@John's recommendation).  If however carrying a second or third lens with you is something you see yourself doing because of the flexibility it offers, then (@Ernies) 17~55 suggestion is a good one.

These 2 lenses are well suited for outdoor photography.  Either could be supplemented with the built in flash, but this will not work for indoor environments where flash photography is not allowed.  Museums, live performances, etc.  A steady hand can only go so far and the T3i's low light performance isn't high.

There is a considerable cost difference between these 2 lenses also, so forward thinking is important.  Given the camera they will be paired with, I might recommend going used for either.  This will give you the opportunity to explore the camera and see what works best for you.

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