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i have a EOS 7D , i need to be able to take indoor pictures of homes. I am a realtor. So getting a p


i have a EOS 7D , i need to be able to take indoor pictures of homes. I am a realtor. So getting a picture of a small bedroom or bath is difficult.  what wide angle lens do you suggest. Price is a concern, i do not want to spend more thatn $500  I am a amature photographer, i do everything on Auto.



PLEASE switch to Program for much better in camera decisions. As for a lens you'll need to price up the lenses from Sigma, Tamron & Tokina to hopefully get under your budget & you need to look for a lens starting in the 10 mm to 20 mm range (10-24, 12-24 etc)

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Agree with Cicopo, but would add that you can save some money by buying used.  I found a Canon 10-20mm used just looking around for 5 minutes.  Places to look include:



Ebay (but be careful)

Photography On The Net's forum page.  (You have to register to see the for sale items)

Craigslist (though you could wait a LONG TIME for a particular lens to pop up in your particular area.


The Canon has good IQ compared to most of the contenders, though it costs a bit more than the others.  On the other hand, IF your shots never get blown up more than a small inset image on a website, or a thumbnail on a home flyer, then you really don't need awesome IQ.  On the other hand, you own a 7D, which suggests you probably enjoy photography more than the average realtor taking shots of listings.  If that is the case, and you would get personal use out of it too, then maybe you want to get the best possible lens near your budget.


Do avoid off-brand lenses that are manual focus only (Bower, Samyang, Rokinon, etc.) unless you feel comfortable doing MF on your camera.  You have to read the descriptions carefully to not miss that.


Good luck!


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thank you