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Will a faulty lens damage/short my camera?


Hi all,


I just had to get a new Canon 6D after my last one stopped taking pictures. No physical damage, and no error message. Would focus but never take the picture.


Now with the new 6D it's been working fine except I'm starting to have the same issue with one of my lenses (28mm 1.8 Canon lens). I'm now afraid to use this lens (one of my most used) for fear of the same thing happening; is it possible that the lens is damaged and could short circuit the camera itself? 

Have tried searching online but haven't found an answer to this specific question. Any help much appreciated! Happy shooting!



" it possible that the lens is damaged and could short circuit the camera itself?"


In the world we live in almost anything is possible but a lens, especially a Canon lens, damaging a Canon camera is not likely. 

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If there is an issue using just this one lens, we recommend discontinuing its use and try a different Canon lens.  If the issue just happens with that one lens, we recommend sending the lens in for service. 

You can set up a repair at


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Follow Tim's guidance promptly and get that lens serviced promptly and take it out of service until it is checked out.  Your previous camera may not have died due to the lens but I wouldn't risk it.  Many things can fail inside a lens including damage to the internal ribbon connectors which potentially will present a short circuit to a camera circuit leading to excess current draw and subsequent damage.  You are playing with fire if you keep using that suspect lens without getting it checked.



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