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Which is the better zoom lens?


So recently upgraded to a full frame camera, now I’m looking to add some glassware. I’ve been looking at the 17-40mm as well as the 16-35mm. My main question is what’s the major difference(if any)? As well which would you recommend for all around shooting?


I have been really happy with my 17-40 F4 that I have owned for almost 15 years now.  It is a solid performer and I have never felt the need to switch to a faster zoom in that range.  It provides good sharpness and contrast and just does what it should.


I have thought about a 16-35 f2.8 a few times but never switched and based upon Ernie's comment I don't think I ever will 🙂


I have taken a lot of photos of my daughter over the years but this photo from Halloween 2005, it was taken with the 17-40L and 1D Mark II @ 1/40, f4.5.





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