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What digital canon camera is compatible with my old AE1 lenses?



None of them. Modern lenses use a different mount, have Auto Focus & other electrical mechanisms which need to connect to the cameras electronics.

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You can get an adapter, but it is probably not worth it.


The EF and EF-S lens mount has too far of a mounting flange to film/sensor distance to use an adapter for FD lenses without an optical element. There are some third party adapters, but, they use cheap optics and are a waste of money.


You can get a 3rd party adapter for FD lenses to a Canon EOS M camera which has a closer flange to sensor distance so it doesn't require an optical element to work.


However, lens design and manufacturing has come a long way in the last 30+ years. The image quality of even the best and most expensive FD lenses, are now matched or exceeded by Canon's consumer STM lens line.


My advice is don't waste your time or money trying to use your old FD lenses, just buy a dSLR with an STM kit lens, and its image quality will be far superior to anything you could get out of your old lenses.


"... don't waste your time or money trying to use your old FD lenses ..."


My thoughts, too, with one caveat.  What AE-1 lenses do you have.  I have an inventory of the older FD mount great white lenses.  They can be used quite successfully with an Ed Mika adapter.  They will be 100% manual.

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