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What comes with a refurbished lens?

Rising Star

When I put the lens in my cart, an offer popped up for me to add caps.  Does that mean refurb lenses come without caps.  That doesn't seem right.




Are you shopping the Canon refurb store or some other retailer? Any refurb from the Canon store I know of had the standard front and rear cap.

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What accessories come with a lens can vary by model and vendor.  The used lens description should clearly spell what accessories come with the lens.  Lens caps are pretty standard, and should always be included.

Some vendors, like Amazon, will automatically offer you accessories whether or not you actually need them.  

Judging by the nature of your question, I do not recommend shopping for used gear on eBay or Amazon.  I buy refurbished gear directly from Canon USA.  Used gear from KEH and B&H.

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Ordered at Canon.  They had a popup to add a buy of end caps. 

It never hurts to have a spare camera body cap or a lens body cap.  I have bought so many of them I have lost count, but can never seem to find a set when I need it.  ???

"The right mouse button is your friend."


I am 99% certain that refurbs bought from Canon will include everything that normally come with a new item, which would mean lenses come with caps, while some L-series may also come with lens hood and maybe even a lens storage pouch. The few times I've purchased refurbs from Canon USA, that's been the case.

In fact, besides the lower price the only difference I could ever see was that the refurbs came in a plain brown box, instead of the typical retail box. The contents were the same as were supplied new.

I am pretty sure it was just a fluke that they offered caps, in case you needed them for other lenses. (The newer "pinch" type front caps are a nice upgrade from the older style clip on front caps.)


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