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Used TS-E 24mm Tilt-Shift Lens Repair or Service


I purchased a used TS-E 24mm Tilt-Shift lens and some of the operations feel a little loose. 

When I use the focus ring, there's very little resistance, so it feels like it could drift off focus or get easily moved. 

It's similar when I use the shift - although not as bad. I know there's a lock and that seems to work. 

I can move the tilt even with the lock on so it seems that need some servicing too. 

I'm not afraid to tackle it myself with a good tutorial, if anyone can point me in that direction. 

I would also be willing to send it in for service. Any idea what that might cost and who would do it? 

Can I send it to Canon for refurbishing? 




This lens is still serviceable by Canon


midwestcamera dot com

I'm sure you are very capable.  My advice is pro repair.  Let someone with the expertise and access to parts it might need refurbish it.  I've always wanted a TS-E lens.  Never got one though.   

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Hello Ranchez Canon still services the TS-E 24mm F/3.5 lens. Is this the original or the newer Mark II version.


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The newer Mark II.

I will look into getting it serviced by Canon.



"I'm not afraid to tackle it myself with a good tutorial,..."


You may not be afraid but it would be a very  bad idea. Lenses require alignment, something that just parts replacement doesn't do. Who knows you may get lucky though. Some do!

Send it to Canon but if the damage is severe it may  be cheaper to find another working lens. 

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I'm actually sending it to Canon for calibration and to have them check out the shift lock. I'll end up with a refurbished lens and it's still considerably less than new!



Just make sure you get the estimate first!

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