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Terrible Rubbing Noise Inside Tamron Lens


I just purchased a Tamron 24 to 70mm Gen 2 lens with an EF mount. I own a Mark IV and an EOS R6. When I use my EF to RF adapter with this lens on my R6 there’s a terrible rubbing noise and it’s constantly searching on how near or far to focus (goes back and forth between the closest and infinity length in the window on top of the lens). When I put this lens on my Mark IV it works perfectly and silently. What do you think is wrong?



There is no guarantee that EF lenses from other manufacturers will adapt or work with newer RF bodies. I think Tamron put out a FW update to address this. You will need a Tap In console to check/perform the update.


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Nothing is wrong. MILC bodies tend to continuously autofocus, which can be disabled. Also, not all lenses designed for DSLR bodies are 100% compatible with MILC bodies. Try updating the firmware, as suggested above.

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