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If you could only have 3 lenses, what would you choose and why? Also, which focal lengths would you recommend for landscapes, portraits, and architecture? I know I need a wide angle, but am not sure what else. I don't have the money to buy 4 or more lenses right now, so I'm limiting myself to 3.

Op has one body not 2 or 3. And it is a crop.  


As much as I love the 70-200 it does not sound like it is in his budget to get 2 or 3 lenses if one or two of them are going to be $1,800.00 apiece.  


Additionally none one of his stated uses were telephoto. 


Although the precise budget was not stated, everything is about coming up with a working compromise that fits the budget. 


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@ScottyP wrote:

Op has one body not 2 or 3. And it is a crop.  ...


Obviously he told you more than he told us.

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In many instances a second body can be about the same price as a lens, and the versatility of having it may outweigh having more lenses in the bag. If however we're trying to put a budget set of gear in the bag that most will find adaquate for general situations & their primary goal is viewing via a monitor rather than making large prints most current superzooms will fit their needs with the exception of low light photography. One Superzoom, one ultra wide & one fast lens like the 50 f1.4.

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"One Superzoom, one ultra wide & one fast lens like the 50 f1.4." 


I still say the best approach would be to invest in one very good lens, instead of 3-4 mediocre lenses.  But, we still do not know what type of camera, nor lenses, that the OP owns.  For now, every suggestion is moot, including my own.

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