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Lens profile for the RF10-20mm L IS STM when using an R6


The new RF10-20mm L IS USM lens obtains part of it's 'rectilinearity' through lens profile corrections.   Canon has stopped offering software/firmware updates on the 'older' RF cameras (I hope I'm wrong about this).  I own an R6, will the RF10-20mm L IS USM lens properly correct when attached to this body?   I understand Canon limiting updates for most of the improvements in the canon data base to the newer bodies, but supporting new RF lenses should be an acception to this.  I'm hoping the lens provides what software/firmware is needed to the R6. 




Canon doesn't intentionally omit lens profiles.  Very rarely a lens can slip by and then gets added later.  Do you receive any error messages when you mount the lens on your body?  If not, it's supported.  I've seen Canon release new firmware almost immediately when a missing lens is reported or discovered.  

The next thing you'll want to do is open DPP and use the Lens Registration Tool to ensure a lens profile and data has been downloaded.  You can launch the tool when your camera is connected.  If you press the lens data button, you'll see a dialog which allows you to download a profile for the lens.  The RF 10-20 f4 is there. 😃



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I have not put this lens on order yet because before I drop $2300 on this I wanted to be confident my viewfinder image will accurately reflect my final corrected image.  Unfortunately because these lenses are on backorder I can't simply just try it out at my local camera store.  Thanks again for your help with this.  

I expect that a newer lens will send the profile data to the camera from the lens and this lens profile data is used by the camera to decide what to display in the viewfinder. While I have not been able to figure out how to decode that data, it seems to me that newer cameras put that lens profile data into the raw file. I expect it will only be needed to download lens profile data for older Canon cameras and older Canon lenses.

If someone knows more about this than I do, please correct me.



Lens Correction data


Initially, distortion correction data was stored on the camera for some lenses, and if you wanted to use other lenses the optical correction data for those lenses had to be downloaded via the EOS Utility software and registered to the camera. However, since the introduction of the EOS 5DS and the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens in 2015, this data has been stored in the lens itself. This means that the camera can access the lens data and apply it when processing JPEGs in-camera. If you're shooting RAW, however, you will still need to download the appropriate lens profile on your computer.




Photoshop ACR will probably have one and if not you can create your own

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I have got a couple of R6 bodies and never had an issue with profiles for lenses released after the body was.  Canon are pretty good in updating lens profiles and other functional elements, such as bugs etc. and for a period they will add new functions of the camera itself via firmware.  They can't release features for the camera that are not supported by hardware limitations within the camera, and yes - they may look at major feature updates to go to a newly released body.  However, that is fairly normal business practice amongst all camera makers. 

If you are still in doubt, go to the store and ask them if you can try the lens on the body.  As my respected colleague Rick noted, if the profile is not there, then you will get an error message.  Before you do go make sure you have updated the body to the latest firmware, which is 1.8.4.


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Thank you Trevor,  The unfortunate issue is the lens is on backorder.  The stores order & distribute to people waiting on their pre-orders.  My local store is having a Camera show soon & hopefully if a Canon rep is there they'll bring a show sample that I can test.   Fingers crossed.   Thanks again.


Even if it is "missed", this is the exact kind of thing that Ken Rockwell tests for. He gives the exact number you need to plug into the Photoshop correction tool.

Just  hope he gets his sample before you get yours!

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