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Lens for shooting video at night and low light conditions



I just purchased a 750D with the standard lens kit. I have never had a DLSR before, so I am very exited to get started making film with this one.

I am only going to use it for filming in 1080P 24/25fps - shutterspeed(50) for making short films on a hobby-level, using a tripod and a hand stabilizer.

I have been testing it out a bit, in low light conditions and can already see it struggles a bit.

What inexpense lens would you recommend for my specific use-case? I am also working with lighting for my shots to help out the scenes.

I have also ordered a variable ND filter for shots during daytime, to prevent going higher on the ISO.



Do you have a budget to spend on a lens. A good lens with a constant fast aperture doesn't come very cheap. Where exactly are you living. I noticed you said 25 fps or 50 fps which is an EU or non-US (PAL) video system frame rate. You also said EOS 750D which is was sold in North America as the Digital Rebel T6i. 


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Unless you can add light to the scene, you’d only have two options: raise ISO or have a wider aperture.

if you can get by with a prime lens, then a 50mm f/1.8 could work well. Especially if your current lens say could only go to f/3.5.

Do note thought that using a wide aperture will reduce depth of field. And sometimes it can end up being very narrow which can be challenging when filming.

Unfortunately, if f/1.8 wouldn’t be enough, you’d need to invest in better gear. That is gear with sensors with larger sensor sites along with better ISO performance. Potentially coupled with even wider apertures such as f/1.2


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