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Jintu lens review


Has anyone had experience with one of those cheap $100-200 prime jintu telephone lenses? If so they seem pretty cheap so tell me how they feel work and how good and sharp the images are! Thanks! 




We understand you are hunting for new gear.  Many of us have replied to your various posts.

You need to pause and really think about the goals you would like to achieve.

Start with a budget.  Then decide on a platform DSLR or Mirrorless.  If your budget is limited, you are not going to get everything you might want at once.

Decision time.  🤔

Stay away from Jintu.  I suggest you avoid "junk" gear.  You basically get what you pay for.  Photography is not an inexpensive hobby.  Purchasing decisions should be made to fit your strategy and goals.  

If you want to use your existing lenses, another APS-C body is probably a good idea.  If you go mirrorless, you'll need an EF to EOS R adapter.  If DSLR, any EF / EF-S mount lens will work natively.  Almost every DSLR or Mirrorless body Canon sells will be an upgrade from your T3.  You need to decide on your starting point. 

Look at your existing lenses.  What focal lengths do you have covered now?  Can any of them be sold to offset the capital expense of a new body / lens?

We can help, but we need for you to make some choices.  Decide on a budget.  Decide on a platform and make the purchase with your current and future goals in mind.  

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"Has anyone had experience with one of those cheap $100-200 prime jintu telephone lenses?"

Yes I have, not the Jintu specific brand but several of them enough to know they seem to all be made at the same factory with simple cosmetic and name changes to differentiate each. I will tell you that they are surprisingly better than you might think based on the cost. Don't let anyone kid you there. The slightly higher priced models like the TTArtisan 500mm f6.3 telephoto lens would be a better choice. Now keep in mind they are not easy to use. They are not easy to adjust. They are totally manual. They do nothing for you. They are just not friendly lenses but with careful input from you and that in mind they can produce some really nice images. 

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