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Has anyone had to repeatedly pay for Canon to fix the same equipment?


I have had my Canon EF 24 - 70 2.8L fixed by Canon repair centers for the same issue on four previous occasions and this repair would make the fifth time.  They has lost my records prior to 2012 which included a under warranty repair and a repair that was near $300.  In the last year alone, I had it repaired in November 2012 for almost $500.  I sent it back for the same problem in June and it was one month past my warranty, so they repaired it as a courtesy, but wouldn't offer a warranty for their work.  I have returned it again based on my conversation with customer service and they want me to pay again for the same out of focus problem.  I have asked them does the continued repairs for the same problem mean that the lens is irreparable.  They said no, that's not the case.  But they can't or won't explain to me why I continue to have the same problem.  When they fix it this time, they told me to check it and make sure that it's working correctly.  Isn't that they're job for the money that I am repeatedly paying them?  Are there any other Canon customers who have suffered at the hands of Canon repair service as I have?  What can I do about this repeated problem?  I don't have the money to continously shell out to Canon for a repair that they don't seem to be correcting properly.



I have a buddy with a 24-70mm and, yes, it is the same as you. However, I have never needed service. Neither of us are particularly 'easy' on our equipment, so that isn't it.

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