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Firm ware updates for lens?


Here is my situation, long time Canon DSLR user, purchased 7Dii, when using my EF 300mm f4 lens the 7Dii the lens did not recognize the lens for lens aberration correction. I sent the 7Dii in for repair because it was not giving me good focus. it was still under warranty. got it back and still did not have great results with 300mm f4. Sent the EF 300mm f4 in for repairs not under warranty my cost. Now the 7Dii recognizes the EF300mm f4!!!

So here is my question:

When I put other lenses on my camera and check for lens aberration and the lens is not recognized, do I have to send in my lens to have them updated??

Is there something Canon is not telling us?

I ask this because I was ready to sell every thing and switch manufactures because I have had a year of frustration with my 7Dii and was about ready to give up on photography with DSLR camera's and use a cell phone or point and shoot.




You now that there are 1000's of 7D Mk II owners that use the ef 300mm f4L with geart success.  I am unclear as to what exactly is your issue.  What do you mean, the 7D2 doesn't recognize the 300?  Can you post a sample of what is going awry?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

I was asked what was going on.

In the menu of your EOS, I  have 4Ti and a 7Dii so i will use those for reference.

4Ti , firm ware  ver 1.0.4. Menu 1st camera tab, 5th on list "Lens Aberration correction", Set, now look at the information for the attached lens. I have the EF400mm f5.6L and it  tells me no data., tried with EF-S 17-55mm f2.8. and tells me correction data available, EF300mm f4, no data.

7Dii ver 1.0.5  same menu selection 1st tab 5th down "lens aberration correction", EF 400mm f5.6 correction data available EF-S, 17-55mm f2.8 tells me data available, EF 300mm f4 tells me data available!

Well looks like it is not the lens, but the camera that does not recognize the lens.

I wonder how I get the camera to recognize a lens?

So before I got the lens and camera repaired (7Dii) the EF300mm f4 was not recognized, not sure about the other lens because I was only interested in the 300mm at that time. Also now that i think about it.  I do not remember if the Camera repair updated the data for the lens or the repair of the lens updated the data for the lens. After looking at the two scenarios i would think that the repair of the camera updated the information.

I think I have updated the T4i to the latest firmware and still the T4i does not recognize the all the data for the lenses.

Another thing to ask is if the data is not available does it affect the use of the lens in general?

Oh Wow!!

You can use EOS Utility to add lens data to your camera.

Please explain?


I looked for updates for firmware for my  lenses, EF 400mm f5.6 has no firmware, EF-S 17-55 f2.8 only shows up on a Mac and the same for the EF300mm f4 only shows up on the Mac and not on my PC?

Looks like i have to down load firmware on my mac for the 300mm f4 and put it on my T4i?


It is not in the lens. It is in the camera. From my T6S manual:


Sorry, but this does not seem to be so. you can not enable if there is no data to enable?

For my camera, at least, you can use EOS utility to download data for new lenses to store in your camera

@kvbarkley wrote:

It is not in the lens. It is in the camera. From my T6S manual:


I get all of that except the last sentence. Are they saying that if a lens has been mounted on a camera that has that lens's correction data installed and enabled, the lens will come away with the correction data permanently applied and can make use thereof if it's subsequently mounted on a different camera? If so, that's certainly news to me.

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