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EOS M200 15-45mm Lens Slide-Switch Does Nothing: Brand New Camera and Lens


This brand new camera and lens have an issue, the 15-45 mm lens opened using the arrow slide switch--but the same switch will not retract the lens to its original position. I turned the camera on and off, took the battery out, took the entire lens on and off, etc.--but this switch that is supposed to retract the lens fully does nothing. No error on the screen or anything. Quite annoying as this is brand new. I did nothing to damage the camera with gentle handling for only a few minutes! *** SOLUTION: I found the solution in very small type font in the online lens manual step 2 that says press the lens switch while gently turning the manual focus in the opposite direction. This works, but this info needs to be included with the lens sale, especially the camera plus lens combo common product sale: The good thing is this is all manually done not electronically which will save battery life and simplifies the mechanics making the lens zoom in/out last longer.