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EOS M10 lens recommendation: EF-M lens or adapted EF lens?


Yet another EF-M lens question

Hello, 6-7 months ago my friend gifted me his old Canon m10 camera with a Helios 44m-7 lens. I loved this camera because of its compactness and picture quality. After using it for quite a while now im ready to buy a new modern lens with a wider angle and autofocus etc..

I'm planning to go with a used Canon 32mm f1.4 stm but it's a little bit expensive and in my country, they don't have Sigma 30mm ef-m lens for secondhand. I don't have much money i need to spend it wisely i can only buy one lens.

Now my real question is should i pay that much money for an EF-M lens or buy an adapter and another 30mm~ prime lens with autofocus EF, ef-s lens. If yes which 30mm Ef Ef-s lens you recommend to me? Thanks



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I think the biggest consideration beside your budget is what's next?

Any EF-M lens will live and die with the series.  You'd have to buy another M series camera in order to continue using EF-M lenses.  

An EF or EF-S lens does offer a path forward with a greater number of bodies as options moving forward.

These could be DSLR or mirrorless, but in the case of the latter you would need another adapter.  EF to EF-M adapters come in many flavors.  The highest level of performance and compatibility will come from using Canon gear and Canon lenses.

In this case I would buy the Canon lens, used if possible.  No adapter is needed.  In the meantime, you can start saving for your next camera.  Since you are not heavily invested in any particular lens format, the new camera should be an R series mirrorless and any lenses you buy moving forward should be RF or RF-S.  


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I don't think I would buy either of the lenses you have mentioned and certainly not the adapter. You have a dead end camera but you got it for free so you can put a few bucks into what is more of a correct and way more versatile lens, IMHO, like the  EF-M 15-45mm Image Stabilization STM Lens. You should be able to find one used and it will allow you this best from your M10 until it finally dies. This, the  EF-M 15-45mm Image Stabilization STM Lens, was the kit lens that shipped with the M10 originally should be lots of them around. BTW it will produce several times better images than the Helios 44m-7 lens can.

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The EF-M line will soon be discontinued, and so will will the Canon EF-M lenses.  I do not recommend using EF mount lenses with M Series cameras because of the larger power consumption compared to the far more compact Canon EF-M lenses.

I would recommend only one EF-M lens, that being the EFf-M 22mm f/2 STM.  If you have a 44mm lens, then a 30mm or 32mm lens will not seem that much wider.  The 22mm will give you the full frame equivalent field of view of a 35mm film lens.

I was once undecided between the 22mm and the 15-45mm standard zoom.  I chose the 22mm because of the wider aperture.  I have been very satisfied with the sharp images that it captures, and have never given the standard zoom a second thought.

[EDIT] The M3 is my pocket camera to use when I do not want to stand out in a crowd.  I use the larger DSLRs when I am shooting sports, wildlife, or far less public settings than streets of a major city.

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