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Canon RF 800mm f11 vs Sigma EF 150-600 (C or Sport) w/ Sigma 1.4 TC (1401)


Has anyone taken a close look at the image quality and usability(focusing etc) of the Canon 800mm f11 vs the Sigma 150-600's with the 1.4 TC? I own the Sigma and am considering the 800 as a lighter native RF option with an EOS R. 

thanks in advance



Not much of choice, IMHO.  RF 800 is a better choice.  You will not have edge to edge AF points, but you should get much better performance over the Sigma.

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Thanks.  What would your choice be assuming a budget of around $2500?

BTW, it appears that most focus points are available with the Sigma and the TC-more than the 800 RF f11



For that budget, I’d trade in the EOS R for an R6 and the RF 600mm or 800mm.

"The right mouse button is your friend."


I'm holding out for an R5 or , hopefully, R7.  I shoot a lot of birds and have to crop. At least the R5 in crop mode would be close to 20mpx before cropping. 


I can only comment on the 150~600C and 1.4x TC which I own also.  Its a very nice lens / combo.  

I agree with wadizzle's thought process.  No reason to upgrade to a Sigma S since you are already using an RF mount and plan to continue in that direction.  Nothing wrong with a control ring adapter, but if your body is RF there is no reason not to go with RF mount glass moving forward.

This will hopefully (and finally) be a better year for mirrorless.  R3 kicked it off.  R5c shortly (announcement anyways) and R7~R9 also coming.


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Thanks Rick 

Definitely holding out for that crop sensor R body camera.  If that doesn't happen within a year, I'll probably go with the R5.  I'm just not sure about R6 20mpx considering the cropping I do for birds. I know that's a great sensor---but.

I'm very happy with the Sigma C and TC combo.  Much better than I'd imagined and even better on the EOS R body.  I never did do any micro adjustment on my 6D II. I'd love to move to the Canon RF 100-500 with TC , but man is that pricey right now.


"I'm very happy with the Sigma C and TC combo."

I am or was an owner of all the 150-600mm super zooms. Tamron, Tamron G2, Sigma C, Sigma S.  I have since sold off all but the Sigma Sport. It is my goto favorite super zoom lens but the difference in IQ between it and my C was so insignificant to almost be nonexistent. The Tamron G2 is probably your best of the bunch if IQ is your manin most thing.

I personally do not like any tel-con on any of these lenses and don't recommend it to anyone else. But if you must use the same brand tel-con as lens manufacturer. 

"Canon 800mm f11 ...."

Again, personally I would not buy any f11 max aperture lens especially if a tel-con was being considered. It just too great of a handicap to start right out of the gate. There is always a great debate as to whether adding a tel-con or simply doing a crop in post is best. Using a tel-con and also doing a severe crop in post has to be the absolute worst case, again, IMHO.

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Yes, TC and cropping is no good.  I do have the Sigma TC for the 150-600 and the Canon 1.4 iii extender I use with the old Canon 400 f5.6.

I really was never too happy with the results of either of them on my 6Dii or 80D, but I have to say I'm getting some pretty usable images using the EOS R with the adapter..

I just rented the 800 f11 and it's actually OK.  Not horrible in morning and afternoon light and images clean up pretty well with Topaz Denoise, but definitely would not use a TC with it.


"Definitely holding out for that crop sensor R body camera."


Here again it will depend highly on the sensor and not the crop vs FF difference.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!