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Canon Macro EF 100 lens will not focus or search


I was using my macro lens and it was working fine, I switched to my wide angle for some shots and that worked fine. When I switched back to my macro lens it would not focus in AF mode or even try to focus search at all. All of my other lenses are working fine and AF perfectly. This macro is only about 3 months old. I am using a Canon 70D body. I have read a few fix options online and none have remedied the focus issue. I would like to get it working ASAP as I use this lens regularly. Thanks for any help. 


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Is the focus switch on the lens in the AF position? Also does the AF switch have different distance ranges on it and is it in the proper setting? Another thing to try is removing and re-installing the lens.

Yes, it is in AF position. It is on the FULL setting but I have tried the other two settings as well. I have it all set the way I got it new and how it was working before. Yes, I have taken the lens off several times, it simply will not even try to focus. 

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If your other lenses auto focus properly, then the 100mm macro needs to be returned or repaired.


It does sound like your lens needs to be professionally serviced by Canon.

1 - When you switch the lens from AF to MF, can you see the change in Q menu?

2 - If you switch the top dial to Green [A+], does the lens still fail to autofocus.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Yes I can see the switch in the Q screen. 

No, it will not focus in the A+ setting. 

manual focus is working fine so I’ll use that the majority of the time anyways but would be nice to have all components of the lens in working order. 

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Since it is only 3 months old, why not send it to Canon for warranty repair?

I’ll look into that. Thanks 


From how you describe how it started, I would probably check the contacts on the lens are clean and not damaged before returning it to Canon. Sounds to me like it could be a poor contact.