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Canon Lens Wish List ?


Hello guys


What would be you wish list in terms of lens ?

Post yours here and let's hope the voices will go all the way to Tokyo.


Personally, considering Canon has not announced any bright EF lens (less than 2.8) since 2008, I really miss some exciting fast primes.

The just-announced 35mm f2 IS is the exception to the above, but considering the older canon f1.4 and the new and affordable sigma 35mm f1.4, the 35mm f2 does not qualifies as exciting to me. If you're doing video or like small form factor, you must be quite happy (except your wallet).

Other than this, there is a lot of dark plastic zoom, a lot of Cinema lens (obviously repackaging of existing lenses), and the new M line. But little seems to be done for the FF lover of fast primes. That's too bad considering they have done some amazing lens such as 85II, 200 f2, the new 400mm etc. 


The first lens I’d really like is a baby brother to my 200 f2.0 IS. A 135mm f1.4 IS would be perfect, or make it f1.8 if f1.4 is too big. Would clearly buy without second thoughts ! Competition has 135 f1.8 already. I'd rather go for the aperture than the IS.


Then, I really miss the 45mm and 90mm TS-E revisions, why stop at the 24mm for MkII updates ? It’s been a long time and nothing comes, but I would buy both lens very quickly.


I love the 85mm II but the slow AF is not always nice. A faster version would be most welcome. Weather sealed would be nice too.


Then, I have a request for the future 200mm or 400mm.

The idea to have an integrated converter is great, but I can always add this at the back of the lens (wether there is internal converter or not).

But what I cannot do, is make the lens brighter. So I would rather love a brighter lens than a longer lens.


For example, a 135mm 1.4 that would have an internal converter to become a ~200mm f2.0 would be much better to me than a 200mm f2.0 with a internal converter to be a ~300mm f2.8.

In the same way, a 300mm f2 that would internally internally convert to 400mm 2.8 would be better than a 400mm 2.8 that would convert into a 600mm f4. Got it ?


So my top would be :

1/ 135mm f1.4 (1.8) (IS)

2/ TS-E !

3/ Faster 85mm

4/ more bright primes !


Last but not least, you need to get the lens prices down. The new versions are very expensive, while techonology gets betters, electronics get cheaper, production process gets better, the production volumes are increasing a lot - but we don't see the benefit of it. You now produce one million lens a month, the same as the 1995-2001 period (taken from your own press release). You can't blame it all on the R&D. Make lens much cheaper and we'll buy much more.


So guys, what are your needs and hopes ?





85mm 1.4L with IS.

What I like to see is a new "affordable" 400mm prime. F4  (maybe F5.6) with IS. Priced arround $2500 to $3000.

"I love the 85mm II but the slow AF is not always nice. A faster version would be most welcome. Weather sealed would be nice too." <----- fully seconded the slow AF caused me to by my only non canon lens and go with the Sigma 1.4


Replace the horrible 18-200 with a decent set of glass, my wife would probably swoon 🙂


135mm f2 L IS I'd happily pay a large premium for this.


400 F4 non DO at a reasonable price


and if I'm allowed dreamland 24-105 F2.8 L IS at a price that is smaller than the GDP of some countries. 


Future Lens (changes highlighted in red)

EF 135mm f/1.8L USM with 4-stops of IS

EF 400mm f/5.6L USM with 4-stops of IS


Current Lens

EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM



The ideal lens for me would be the 85 f/1.2L(on a crop body). That's my favorite area of focal length. I would love to have the L lens, but I could settle for the standard 1.8 version currently available. 

I'm an advanced amateur, am not the average point-and-shoot photographer out there, and am willing to take any critique or advice that will improve my photography.


I personally don't want the 45 & 90 tse lenses updated, instead I would much rather see a 35mmTSE and a 110mm TSE replace those two lenses.  I photograph a lot of architecture and the way buildings are being designed today I feel a 35mm tse lens would be much more useful for interiors and tight exteriors and increasing the length on the 90mm would be better for abstacting details.  Yes I have the 24mm tse as well as the 1.4 extender.


My other main hope would be a quality lightweight medium zoom in the range of 35mm to 150mm f4  this to me would be a great portrait/video zoom


For what some of you guys are "wishing" for, I hope you are also wishing for a wheel barrow full of money.

Very large apertures and IS is not going to come cheaply. Smiley Frustrated

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


I would like canon to make a18mm pancake so I could carry it in my pocket on sport shoots incase they want a group shot,lez