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Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii flex cable ribbon problem again

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I have a couple of these lenses and I do really love them. They are the work horse in my stable of glass.

That being said, this is the 3rd lens now that has failed with the ERR code communication problem. I have had this happen a couple times before so was able to trouble shoot the issue and know that its the flex cable ribbon that is bad inside the lens.

It will work perfectly as long as you shoot at 2.8 (the wide open aperture setting). As soon as you change it and the lens needs to change the aperture for a image, it fails. 

Now, this is the 3rd  time with 2 different lenses that I've had to send them in for this repair. It would seem to me that this is a defect in the lens and I should not hae to pay for it. Or... Canon needs to use better parts so this does not keep happing over and over again.

Yes I use the lenses a lot. And yes, they are out of the warranty period. That being said, they should step up and repair without quesion. The have to know that this is an issue with the lens. 

Anybody else experiencing the same issue with their Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii?


@llehmann wrote:
Just a FYI... I have 2 of these lenses and it's happening on both of them.

And it's not just one individual here.

So tell me a scenario of what I am doing to cause this problem over and over.

I also use the 70-200 f2.8 USM II and 16-35 f2.8 for many years and they are rock solid. Both used in the same way and carried the same way.

So if it is the way I'm carrying it... Why does it only happen to this lens and not the others? If that's true... Then we go back to a design flaw in how it's constructed. Or at least that's what my "common sense" leads me to believe.

I can't answer your question, but you may be onto something. Because it uses the tripod socket as its attachment point, a Black Rapid strap (the ones I've seen advertised anyway) hangs the camera at a decidedly different angle than an ordinary (e.g., Canon or Domke) strap does. Conceivably, that plus the constant bumping against your hip could gradually shake the cable into a more vulnerable position. You might ask Canon whether anyone has posed that possibility before.


As for why it doesn't happen to your other lenses, the routing of their cables presumably doesn't leave them vulnerable, whatever the underlying cause is or how the lenses are carried.


I'm sorry if I confused or offended you by using the term "common sense". The phrase has been in pretty general use for most of my life. But since that goes back almost 83 years, maybe it has fallen out of favor and I didn't notice.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

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Aloha Canon Community, 


I'm very dissapointed to find this thread after a quick google search on why my 24-70 f2.8 will only shoot wide open. This very same issue happend to me yesterday. One of the busiest times of the year for me, shooting large families at 2.8 is definitely frustrating. What's more frustrating is reading the comments in this thread. It is obvisouly a manufacturing issue and from what I'm reading, Canon is not doing anything about it.


A bit about me,


I am a full time professional shooter, video and stills. Located in Hawaii. I purchased this lens 2 years ago. I was talking with another photographer friend of mine on island and they have also experienced this issue, same lens, same problem. 


To the OP,


Have you had any updates from Canon? 

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Sorry to hear that, but you're in the wrong forum, nobody will help you here, they all say that the problem does not exist. Read the whole thread and you'll find my posts. I already gave up on the 2 24-70 (yes! Two!) I have with the same problem 

@JaimeT wrote:

Sorry to hear that, but you're in the wrong forum, nobody will help you here, they all say that the problem does not exist. Read the whole thread and you'll find my posts. I already gave up on the 2 24-70 (yes! Two!) I have with the same problem 

Of course, no one can help repair the lens.  This is not Canon Support.  You would need to contact them directly, not here.  That is the best "repair" adice you will get here.  


I apologize if that sounds harsh, that was not my intent.  But if you read the thread then you would see that advice is given.  I understand that people get frustrated, and some wish to vent steam, too.  But, this is not the Canon Repair Center.  This is a user forum, filled with camera geeks who think they know what they're talking about.


"Doctor told me to get out and walk, so I bought a Canon."

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I am the original poster of this issue. 

It has pretty much been discussed to death with heated discussions on both sides. I have multiple 24-70 lenses and they have all had the problem multiple times. It is frustrating. 

Canon has offered no compensation for the problem. I have stopped using them for the repairs on this issue to save money. Before people sound off on that... it has nothing to do with the service of the lens or who is repairing it. 

I say a design flaw and or weakness as its very susceptible to this problem. I have dealt with it at least half dozen times on different lenses. 

Good luck! At least you know what the problem is and there is a work around to keep working. 

ps: People... let's stay positive and supportive to one another. We are all here for information, help and advice. 🙂 

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Just to keep the community informed.... Just had the lens again fail today with Err 01 Code. It will shoot on F2.8, but if you change the aperture to anything else than wide open, it fails. 

I've lost count on the number of times I've repaired this lens model. I have multiple lenses. 

Kinda speechless at this point on the how and why it keeps happening. 

I do wish a customer service representative from Canon would extend the courtesy of saying, let us look into it for you and credit me on the repair. But hey... that's just wishful thinking this holiday season! 

Merry Christmas Kidos!

ps: Here's a video on this lens with the problem:

Canon EF lens ERR01 with error message of lens contact problem. This usually have to do with aperture module control error. Aperture cannot shut to smaller value either because of the ribbon snap or the aperture control motor faulty. The best bet is to change the whole module. Here is the step by step guide to change it

ERR 01 - Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8 II Aperture Module replacement repair (full step by step) 

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The same thing happened to me.  I googled and came across this forum discussing the problem.  24-70 ii, can only shoot wide open and nothing else.  Tried different lenses so know it's not the body.  Tried usual cleaning of contacts several times, does not fix, consistently ER01.


Just wanted to add a data point.  This is my main lens so it has been fair bit of use and have owned it for several years already. Suddenly just decided to fail on us. Maybe didn't notice recently as usually shoot wide open.


Hoping for simple/self fix as i'm quite handy. But looks like I have to cough up for the service center fix.

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It cost me 150 euros. Canon official repair service in Athens.
They said, that they replaced cable and reinforced it. Looks like, Canon service is aware of the issue. I wonder if newer models, have this issue fixed.

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I guess will have to start saving up for it! I noticed when i turn the zoom ring, i can hear a soft click like a ribbon being rubbed against and when reversing the zoom, can feel/hear the same 'click'.  Sounds like I have the exact issue which many people have.


edit: just got a quote for $380+tax... yikes...

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Update... I received back both of my 24-70 USM II lenes a couple weeks ago. One lens needed a new aperture so not the dreaded common ribbon cable fix that made me start this thread. The other lens tho... BLAHHHHH.... flex ribbon cable again!

I've lost count on this repair. I don't think it's double digits yet, but getting close.


It's almost time to move onto the new Canon R6 and get me a RF 28-70 F2L USM lens... but at $3K each for that lens... it will be a while before I replace my stable of 24-70 F2.8 USM II Lenes. Let's hope they figured out how to make them last!


I love Canon... but things change, and my old love isn't the same as it used to be!

It's a big decision to leave Canon and start over with another brand with it's own challenges. That being said, if there is a right time, it's now as I start to move to the mirrorless world! 

My feelings about Canon these days are they are always late to the dance and playing catch-up! Don't get me wrong... I love them and wish they were more on the ball with my personal needs. I have spent countless on them for years and have camera bags full of gear. 

Do me a favor Canon and knock my socks off with your next release that will renew my faith and make this decision easy for me!