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70-200 f2.8 IS II USM wont zoom past 90/95mm


have not used my camera or lenses for a while, pulled it out last night to take some pictures and for some reason my 70-200 wont zoom past 90/95 mm, it gets stuck there.  It ill move back to 70mm but gets stuck short of the 100mm marking when I turn it the other way.  Any thoughts as to what is wrong?  



"He's dead, Jim."  You should contact Canon support.

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Hi jeffmilo, thanks for checking in.


You may wish to gently slide the zoom barrel back and forth and clean the barrel with a lint-free lens cloth. Should problems persist, then you may wish to send the lens in for service.


The repair options will vary depending on your location and are subject to change, so I would suggest that you email us to get the latest repair details for your area:

Thanks, I will try that tonight.  I am loacated about an hour northeast of Atlanta.  Where is your closest repair facility?


"... pulled it out last night to take some pictures and for some reason my 70-200 wont zoom past 90/95 mm,..."


OK, lenses do not just sit in a camera bag or on a shelf and break themselves.  So, something happened on that last time you used it.  WHat was it?  That will determine your course of procedure.

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In complete honesty, the last time I used this lens was about a year ago when I shot my last wedding.  The lens worked perfectly.  We closed down the wedding photography business and the equipment has been sitting in my camera bag since then.  I checked with my wife and she had used one of the cameras with my 24-70 a couple of months ago, but did not use the 70-200.  So as far as I know nothing has happened to this lens.